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DRx Clinic #7 – FPL (Fluorescence Pulsed Light) Skin Rejuvenation Review

Hi ladies! If you’ve been following my beautiful skin journey at The DRx Clinic, y’all would know by now that my main problems are pigmentation due to sun damage, and uneven skin tone due to visible blood capillaries. Do a Search for “DRx” with the search bar on the bottom right if you want to read all my previous posts. :)

So my doctor at DRx Clinic, Dr Yanni advised an FPL (Fluorescent Pulse Light) treatment to lighten some darker freckles that surfaced after my laser, and also brighten my skin tone overall. This treatment is a non-invasive, non-ablative procedure that is good for maintenance after a laser. It is similar to IPL, but considered a more effective procedure in treating skin problems.

Here are some benefits of FPL facial treatment:

Fading of pigmentation <– freckles begone!

Reduction in flushing and redness <– Good good!

Smoother skin and smaller pore size <– YAY perfect!

Removal of unwanted hair <– Woo not bad, can remove some facial hair at the same time heh heh

FPL review at DRx Clinic | FPL review at DRx Clinic | FPL review at DRx Clinic | FPL review at DRx | Mypeaceofheaven.comFPL review at DRx Clinic |

Face is first cleansed, similar to the start of any facial treatment.

Then, a copious amount of cooling gel is applied to the area of treatment, which is why I have gel on my entire face! (But I think it was because that I was wincing from the pain of the FPL that my therapist put heaps on me.) Yep, the cooling gel actually does little to reduce the “rubber-band snapping” sensation when the light hits the skin. So if you’re really afraid of pain like me, request for numbing cream! Unfortunately I didn’t… Haha.

The entire process takes about 30 mins – which includes cleanse, applying cooling gel, treatment, removing cooling gel, and application of sunscreen. Pretty quick, I would say! For good skin, it’s worth the endurance!

Took photos!! Check out my skin after FLP treatment at DRx Clinic

FPL review at DRx |

The first week after the FPL treatment, the spots became darker and prepared to flake off. However, it was not very drastically dark, unlike the first laser I did to remove my freckles, so I could still do my daily activities as per normal.

By the 3rd week, the FPL faded my dark spots, reduced flushing on my cheeks and around my nose, and made my pores smaller! Skin is also smoother. I’m sure you can see the differences for yourself. Not extremely drastic (because I think partly my skin was not too bad to begin with), but I am very satisfied! :)

With Dr Yanni at DRx Clinic |

With sweet and lovely Dr Yanni. :)

Dr Yanni has managed my skin so well from the start till now – I was prescribed Dermal-Rx products, and had undergone through 2 lasers to achieve the good skin I have today – and I am truly grateful! You can trust her with your skin woes.

Can you believe it’s been A YEAR with DRx? Through the ups and downs.

 It’s my last visit to Dr Yanni, as frankly speaking, my skin has achieved such improvements that I can maintain it by just using Dermal-Rx products alone! The occasional tiny pimple can be easily covered by concealer, and as long as I apply sunblock diligently to protect my sun damage-prone skin,  I am good on my own… for now! :)

BUT I’m not done with DRx yet! Next, I’m due for my last appointment with The DRx MediSpa next Monday, to try their Essential Facial PLUS treatment. I will share how it goes. Judging by how highly raved it is by bloggers, I’m sure I will not be disappointed.

Stay tuned~


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