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My Large Curls Japanese Perm at SOHO by X’pect Group

X'pect studio hair perm review | Singapore beauty blog

Hiya ladies! There’s something so major about getting a new haircut, new hair style, that we often suspect that someone has gone through some sort of emotional trauma to decide on that move. Throughout my 25 years of life, I had never done anything special to my hair, not even colouring!! (Yes, my hair is jet black and I’m not planning to change that anytime soon!) Never coloured it, permed it, nor straightened it. I guess I’m just that boring a person. :D

I received an invitation to get a hair makeover by X’Pect Group earlier this year, but somehow I felt I wasn’t ready – you know, that gut feeling where you know you’d regret the moment you did it? But when I received the same invitation again last month, I felt that I was ready to welcome a change in my life. HAHA so dramatic, but yes, that is how momentous it is to me to accept a permanent change to my appearance!

So, my hair makeover actually means something special! It marks my personal growth in a turbulent period where everything just seems to be so difficult. BUT, I’m looking forward to next year – that’s when things will look up.


Must go to a trusted salon!

 Since my hair is SOO IMPORTANT to me (that it marks a special milestone in my life), it is necessary that I place the task of managing it to a hair stylist and salon that I can trust. Right, right? :)

X'pect studio hair perm review

So I did a few background checks on X’pect Group’s credentials, read reviews by other bloggers, did some research on various types of perms. Turns out that X’pect Group has won over 80 awards locally and internationally, and their stylists are often engaged for Singapore’s televised shows and dramas to style celebrities!

Some of them are:

  • President’s Star Charity 2013 & 2014
  • Mediacorp Channel 8 Drama Yes We Can!
  • Mediacorp Comchest Show 2014
  • Retrolicious 2012 & 2013
  • Teenage Mission Gorgeous You 2013 & 2014

A group of hair care experts that has made a name locally and internationally by participating in hair shows in Shanghai, KL Malaysia, Jakarta; I think I can put my hair in their hands!!


SOHO by X’pect at Novena Square 2

They have 5 outlets, each slightly different to cater to different crowds, but I chose to go to the NOVENA Square 2 outlet as it was the most convenient for me! Named ‘SOHO by X’pect’, it is a fuss-free one-stop station for all your tresses’ needs.

I had requested a perm, without any colouring. As my hair is naturally super black, it would be disastrous when the roots start to grow out. And I really didn’t want to hate it when the time came! So when my stylist, Damien, advised me on that my curls would probably not be very visible without any highlights, I accepted that.

X'pect studio hair perm review | Singapore beauty blog

X'pect studio hair perm review | Singapore beauty blog

X'pect studio hair perm review | Singapore beauty blog

Damien gave my long hair a little trim and layering so that the curls would not be too voluminous and heavy on my small frame. He then proceeded to apply a chemical to soften the structure of my hair by breaking the disulphide bonds. It had a very strong ammonia smell and I was taken aback cuz it’s my first time perming hair! But for the sake of it, I endured!! >.<

Then Damien sectioned my hair into equal parts and rolled them around the rollers. He also chose large rollers to obtain big curls. This step has to be done very skilfully as how you rolled and how much hair is in each roll determine how the curls will turn out! It would be disastrous if some hair was not consistently coiled, or if it curled outwards instead of towards the face in the end. I had complete faith in Damien!

X'pect studio hair perm review | Singapore beauty blog

I was so excited to get the very first glimpse of my curls!

Mistical exclaimed “Wooowww!! So nice!!” when she first saw it, and I immediately asked her to help me take a photo so I could see too. Haha I was totally blown away by the cute and bouncy curls :)

X'pect studio hair perm review | Singapore beauty blog

Next step would be to wash the chemical off my hair and blow drying.

X'pect studio hair perm review | Singapore beauty blog

Me listening attentively to Damien on how to take care and maintain my new curls =) Over the next months, after repeated washing, my curls will settle down into a nice wave, he says. He was also telling me the exact steps, such as twirling my hair, lightly scrunching it when it’s wet, then leaving it to dry on its own.

I was also advised to switch to a large comb with wider-spaced teeth so that the curls do not separate and become frizzy. AND, and, and, only comb when the hair is wet. Never comb when it is already dry to avoid frizz.

X'pect studio hair perm review | Singapore beauty blog

Well, well, meet the man! Damien Low is a Leading Stylist at SOHO by X’pect Square 2 @ Novena. Thank you for the lovely curls!

Many thanks to Mistical for the invitation to have my hair makeover at SOHO!! And lastly, thank you Mistical and Hammy for helping me take photos!! <3

X'pect studio hair perm review | Singapore beauty blog

The very next day.

Whoops, my hair has definitely become a little bit frizzier than before, but that’s inevitable with any chemical and heat treatment! I went out to buy a hair mask and serum that will help with the situation, and will be showing them to you girls in a later post!

X'pect studio hair perm review | Singapore beauty blog

 After one month, my curls are a little more relaxed and wavy now, but I am enjoying the volume of wavy hair as opposed to straight hair. I love, love, love my curls so much that I’m afraid that if I don’t take good care of it, I might wake up one day and my hair would have all straighten out! Having permed hair makes me look more like my real age, rather than 20 or 21… Sometimes looking too young can be confusing for oneself, if you know what I mean? Maybe more on this issue later. Haha ciao! :)


Do check out the following links for more details on the X’pect group:

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