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Get free scalp analysis at Luxe Scalp Specialists Road Show @ Tampines One!

Luxe Scalp Specialist treatment review roadshow tampines one

Hi guys! Luxe Scalp Specialists is having a roadshow!

Head down to Tampines One to get your free scalp analysis and free snacks. There will also be exclusive road show deals that you will not get on any other days when you sign up with Luxe Scalp Specialists!

Just a background on Luxe Scalp Specialists – I have been with them for about a year already! This is a true story, I was experiencing hair fall problems back in early 2013, and I was getting a little bit concerned. When Luxe Scalp Specialist invited me for a scalp treatment for the very first time, I accepted without much thinking. And it was the best decision ever made, to revive my limp, and dropping hair…! :)

The first impression that they gave me was a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where they do not – at any point of time – pressure their customers into buying packages. This is the fact that I like. In fact, their staff shared with me that Luxe Scalp Specialists actually has a “No hard-selling” policy! This is a MAJOR plus point for me, and I felt is something that you guys will love.

True enough, many readers went to Luxe Scalp Specialists using my Special Discount Code “Zoe123” to experience trial treatments at $15!  And many of you signed up packages with them because you love the treatments and service as well :) <– This info was shared with me by their staff. Thank you!!!

They really focus on educating you on your scalp conditions, and how their treatments can help to ease conditions like Oily scalp, Dry Scalp, Dandruff etc… With these issues tackled, the scalp is a healthier place for hair to grow AND stay on the head, thereby reducing your hair loss symptoms.

So I’m really excited for them that they are having a road show to celebrate their NEW outlet at Tampines One and giving away wonderful signup deals. Really, make use of this opportunity. I cannot stress enough.

If you find that you are dropping hair, do not wait until the very last minute. Do you know that our hair pores have a life span of 25 cycles only? Hair can stay on our heads for 2-6 years, but if they drop prematurely, new hair will have to generate, and the quicker they drop, the faster the life span of the pore ends!!!! Isn’t this horrifying?

Unfortunately, people who are balding only realise it – or seek help – when they are 50% bald.. ;(

So please do not wait until it’s too late to save your crown.

Even if you do not plan to do any treatment, come down to the road show for your free scalp analysis and learn how to maintain a healthy scalp! (You are curious how your scalp looks under the magnifier right???) Erm, plus yours truly will be down tomorrow – Sunday 16th November 1pm – to join in the fun and share about my experiences at Luxe Scalp Specialists!!


Catch me and other bloggers on Saturday (15th) and Sunday (16th), time slots 1pm and 6pm, at the road show!

OH! Forgot to share something important with you.

Receive a Shampoo and Tonic sample set worth $25 just by being at the road show! Get a complimentary Fibre Plus Leave-in Serum worth $32 with any sign ups. :)

P.S.) Look for Manager Lily to claim your free gift set. You can let her know that you found out on!

Thank you lovelies! See you at the road show! Last two days already~ Bring your parents for the scalp analysis! Uncles, aunties too! Hahaha


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