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Shopping: Taobao Parcel arrives!!

Hi all! I’m so excited!! My Taobao parcel has arrived in Singapore and is currently kept at the 65Daigou warehouse in Tai Seng. I decided to opt for self-collection as it is quite near to Hammy’s place. Choosing method of delivery is easy as you can just use the 65Daigou mobile app!

Convenient Collection methods

  • Home Delivery (S$5 for parcel <8kg or S$8 for parcel >8kg)
  • MRT Collection (free at many stations)
  • Self-Collection (free at their warehouses)
  • Neighbourhood Station (free for parcels <10kg only)

I really like how there are so many delivery options! Self-collecting at the warehouse was also hassle-free (all I had to do was to tell them my contact number and they retrieved my parcel immediately), as I had already arranged my collection time using the app.

Next time I will try the MRT collection or Home Delivery.

TADAAH! My Taobao Parcel!

Thankfully on collection day, Hammy helped me to carry the parcel. I wasn’t expecting it to be so huge, but I should have known, cuz I bought so many items!

One perk of shopping via 65Daigou is that they will help you to consolidate and repack (if needed) to smaller packaging to save on shipping. When I opened the box, I was pleased to see all the items neatly arranged. Definitely can feel their love when dealing with customer’s purchases.

Taobao haul singapore blogger Taobao haul singapore blogger Taobao haul singapore blogger

I couldn’t contain my excitement while unboxing my parcel. =D

 Haha from the photo above, you can see that I went a little overboard with shoes. =S I even felt a little guilty for buying soo many pairs of shoes in a single online shopping trip.

Alright but without further adieu, let’s check out my Taobao Haul!

Taobao haul singapore fashion blog

Black Patent Strappy heels $13.89 | Black Suede ankle-strap platforms $8 | Matte white Pointed-toe pumps $24.84

Contrary to popular belief that Made-in-China goods are poorly done, the shoes that I got were really of good-quality at a very good price! I probably won’t be able to find something similar in Singapore at that kind of price.

 =D Of course I haven’t factor in shipping, but it is possible to keep prices low by opting for sea shipping.

Shoes, heels, and flats GIF




Green Jacket $7.37 | Yellow Boots $11.60

Taobao Shopping haul | Singapore Fashion Blog

White Bow Sandals $7.89


Blue Ombre Wooly Knit Jacket $11.16 | Black Bow Flats $5.47


White Loafers $4.21


So.. what is the total cost??

 So basically the total damage was SGD 94.43 for 7 pairs of Shoes and 2 Jackets. 65Daigou will send you an invoice detailing the breakdown of costs and here’s mine!

Total Product Price: S$94.44

Chargeable Weight(kg): 6.11

Shipping Fee: S$39.00

Agent Fee: S$10.63

If you count in the shipping and agent fee, each item would cost around $16. Definitely still lower than what we can find in Singapore. Not only were the shoes cheap, they were also comfortable. I’m so happy with my purchases!

And guess what? I’m already planning my next Taobao shopping ‘trip’! :) Thank you 65Daigou for this wonderful opportunity to try out your services, I’ll definitely be going back!

All you ladies out there, take advantage of the low prices on Taobao with now and I promise you, online shopping will never be the same again. ^.^


Register with 65Daigou now and start shopping! :)



(Disclaimer: Post is sponsored by 65Daigou but opinions are my own)



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