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Regen Cosmetics #1: Plastic Skin Solution Sheet Masks Review

Hi lovelies! If you read Qiuqiu‘s blog, you would have heard of Regen Medical Group. It’s Korea’s leading beauty medical group, and THE ONE that did plastic surgery on Qiuqiu! That day I was just watching her Youtube videos on her plastic surgery experience, and felt pretty amazed that I got to try their latest cosmetics products! And you can too; find out where to purchase Regen Cos+ (Regen’s skin care cosmetics brand) products at the end of the post. :)

Korean regen medical group cosmetics sheet mask review

Regen Cos+ actually sent me two bagfuls of sheet masks, BB, CC, SS creams, S-line patches, eye and spot gel, V-fill up masks…… and their latest sheet mask offering, dubbed the Plastic Skin Solutions! All these flew all the way over from Korea in two large cardboard boxes. The people at Regen Cosmetics are really generous, cuz I also got tons and tons of BB and CC cream samples.

It is literally impossible to write about all the products they sent me within a post, so I will be sharing about them in a series of blog posts named “Regen Cosmetics”, so you can easily search for all of them.

For post #1, it’s my pleasure to review their Plastic Skin Solution sheet masks.

Regen Plastic Skin Solution Sheet Masks

Korean regen medical group cosmetics sheet mask review

Clockwise | Skin Sensitivity Suppression | Pore Minimizing Treatment | Double-Effect Collagen Care | Real White Effect | Ultra Skin Moisturising

Regen has got all the common skin problems covered. There are 5 products under this mask line, each formulated with different combinations of ingredients to target specific sets of skin issues. Despite that, they all contain one common ingredient: R&5 Complex.

The R&5 complex is a combination of Red paprika + Walnut + Blueberry + Aloe + Mushroom, and this combo packs a punch of nutrients and Vitamins to smoothen the skin and give a natural glow.

Korean regen medical group cosmetics Plastic skin solution Skin Sensitivity suppression sheet mask review

Skin Sensitivity Suppression | 1 box (10 Sheets)

Main Ingredients:

  • Aloe vera leaf extract (calming, moisturising, anti-inflammatory)
  • Propolis extract (exceptional antibacterial properties)
  • Portulaca Oleracea extract (superior skin healing properties)
  • R&5 complex (smoothens skin and gives natural glow)

With soothing and calming ingredients, the mask targeted at skin sensitivity helps to ease hypersensitivity, prevents dehydration and damage due to external conditions.

Korean regen medical group cosmetics Plastic skin solution Real whitening effect sheet mask review

Real Whitening Effect | 1 box (10 sheets)

Main Ingredients:

  • Pearl extract (maintains moisture and brightens skin tone)
  • Vita Complex-10 (combination of 10 vitamins regenerates and repairs damaged skin)
  • Niacinamide (remarkable whitening effect and slows down melanocytes)
  • R&5 complex (smoothens skin and gives natural glow)

This professional looking sheet mask promises to deliver brightness and luminosity of translucent looking skin!

Korean regen medical group cosmetics Plastic skin solution Double Effect collagen care sheet mask review

Double-Effect Collagen Care | 1 box (10 sheets)

Main Ingredients:

  • Acacia collagen (soothing and anti-inflammatory for dry, sensitive and delicate skin)
  • Water-soluble collagen 
  • Chamomile water (soothes and plumps the skin)
  • R&5 complex (smoothens skin and gives natural glow)

Fight wrinkles and sagging with this firming mask that promotes natural collagen production as well as rejuvenating dull and damaged skin.

Korean regen medical group cosmetics Plastic skin solution Pore Minimizing treatment sheet mask review

Pore Minimising Treatment | 1 box (10 sheets)

Main Ingredients:

  • Wine extract ‘Resveratrol’ (powerful anti-oxidant and astringent)
  • Camellia flower extract (unparalleled effect in reducing secretion of sebum and tightening pores)
  • Witch Hazel extract (smoothens and tightens pores without irritation)
  • R&5 complex (smoothens skin and gives natural glow)

This mask contains a patented Camellia flower extract that refines the appearance of pores by preventing excessive secretion of sebum. It also helps make skin smoother and tighter like a baby thanks to its astringent (contracting) properties!

Korean regen medical group cosmetics Plastic skin solution Ultra Moisturising sheet mask review

Ultra Skin Moisturising | 1 box (10 sheets)

Main Ingredients:

  • Halophyte (smooths skin texture and hydrate skin)
  • Olive leaf extract (anti-oxidant)
  • Hyaluronic acid (balances moisture, hydrates skin)
  • Macadamia oil (hydrates dry and sensitive skin without irritation)
  • R&5 complex (smoothens skin and gives natural glow)

Rescue your dehydrated and sensitive skin! With this mask, your skin is cocooned by balancing electrolyte and moisture and is intensely hydrated with nutrients.


Regen Cosmetics Ultra Skin Moisturising mask Review

I tried the moisturising mask as being in an air-conditioned room the entire day most of the time, my skin was getting a little dull and dehydrated. The last time I masked was also a month ago. >.< Although not to the point of skin peeling, but the easiest tell-tale sign was that my lips were already cracking (yikes but that’s another issue)!

Korean regen medical group cosmetics sheet mask reviewKorean regen medical group cosmetics sheet mask review


Mask sheet quality: The mask sheet is not like the usual rough papery thin kinds, but one that is thick and smooth. In fact, it feels like a hydrogel mask. I could also tell that all of the essence was held inside the mask sheet itself as it was heavy. There was also hardly dripping of the essence, which I attribute to the high quality microfibre sheet that Regen uses. It can be much of a hassle when the essence starts to drip everywhere because the sheet does not hold it well! Rating: 8/10

Mask fit: The mask is also a very good fit. I have a small face and most masks are bigger and hence do not fit me well, but this one felt very comfortable on my face – almost like a perfect fit! I continued with my own activities (aka taking photos for this post), and despite standing upright, the mask did not slide down. Rating: 8.5/10

Essence scent/texture: Has a refreshing and uplighting scent, smells really good! Essence was light and non-sticky with the mask on, although there was a slight stickiness after drying up. Rating: 7/10

Efficacy/Results: I’m sure many of you are interested in this! But you can tell from my last photo that my skin was pampered, re-hydrated, and plumped! I really LOVE the healthy and natural glow that was promised (see the ingredients list above), and my skin just felt soft, cool and moist. Rating: 8/10


It’s really hard to decide which mask to try first when you have soo many! But I’m looking forward to sharing them! I will be conducting a giveaway at the end of my ‘Regen Cosmetics’ blog series, where I will combine different masks and more goodies that I got from Regen Medical Group. You will find out more in upcoming posts! :)

Now you must be thinking where you can buy Regen Cos+ masks, and here it is:!

(Note: is the only place where you can purchase Regen Cosmetics’ beauty products at the moment. Being the newest additions, Plastic Skin Solution masks will only be launched on in early 2015.)

You can also visit these links for more information!

Regen Medical Group

Thank you Regen Cosmetics for your generosity! Do stay tuned for my next Regen Cosmetics post.

Stay beautiful, eat well, and mask well, ladies! :)



  • Helen Stevens

    I received Regen double-effect collagen care masks. I want to use them but there are no english instructions. How long do I leave it on my skin? How often do I use the masks?

    • Zoe

      Hi Helen, facial masks can be left on the face for 15-25 mins, depending on its moisture content. I leave Regen’s masks for about 25 mins as they are very packed with serum. Do not leave masks for more than 25 mins as after that they start to absorb water back from your skin.
      I would use them once or twice a week. :)

  • Martha Judkins

    I have a Plastic Skin Solution pore minimizing treatment but, of course, I can’t read the instructions. How long should it be left on since I have dry skin?

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