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My Solution to Cracked Lips – bSoul Hydra Lip Cream

BSoul Hydra Lip Cream Review | Mypeaceofheaven Singapore Beauty BlogYippie! This little tube of caring goodness arrived just at the right time. As usual… I have misplaced all my previous lip balms. I was using Silkygirl’s Fruitti and Ice Cream Lip Pot – I don’t know where the Fruitti went, the lip pot is good but requires me to use a cotton bud to apply each time (I can’t imagine using my fingers!). Personally I find it a hassle, so I only use that on certain days but I kept forgetting…. which led to me not using any lip products for a while now!!

If  you read my previous post, I mentioned about being in an air-conditioned room most of the time now and my lips were starting to chap. Not only that, I haven’t been religious with the hand creams too and they aren’t as smooth and soft as I’d like them to be.. Huhu.. The skin on the lips, neck, and hands can give away tell-tale signs of your real age very easily so I would definitely encourage you to MOISTURISE!

Sigh… work just got too busy and I slipped…

Okay! Enough of lamenting, but I’m just very thankful that bSoul came to my rescue!


Natural Phyto Extracts

BSoul Hydra Lip Cream Review | Mypeaceofheaven Singapore Beauty Blog BSoul Hydra Lip Cream Review | Mypeaceofheaven Singapore Beauty Blog

“Hydra-lip is a cream rich in natural functional ingredients. It improves moisturising from the first application and enhances the volume and the definition of the lips.”

According to its description, the moisturing, anti-wrinkle lip cream is rich in Avocado oil, Karit é butter, Olive fruit oil, Tocopherol, and LIPerfection.

  • Avocado oil – Naturally high in unsaturated fat acids and soluble vitamins and lecithin. Antioxidant.
  • Karit é Butter – Nourishing, emollient and posseses sun-protective action.
  • LIPerfection – “ECOCERT” complex rich in sanalbin, which is known to increase capillary blood flow. It has a plumping action and enhances the volume colour and definition of the lips.
  •  Olive fruit oil – High in Vitamin E.
  • Tocopherol – Main component of Vitamin E, soluble antioxidant. Stops the lipid per oxidation of the cell membranes. It is able to get the missing electron to the lipid peroxides radicals.

The product sounded quite promising, with its blend of naturally-occurring ingredients without parabens, silicones, petrolatum, paraffin, SLES and prohibition of testing on animals.


BSoul Hydra Lip Cream Review | Mypeaceofheaven Singapore Beauty Blog

 bSoul Hydra Lip Cream Review

Texture: It has a creamy texture that disappears completely after being massaged into the lips. What I do is, I use the slanted applicator to dispense some cream, and purse my lips while using my teeth to gently bite on the insides. The cream is absorbed rather quickly and it leaves no residue, no stickiness. I like how I can drink from a cup immediately after and not leave any stains or marks! Rating 9/10

Smell: Not sure if the smell comes from the packaging itself, but it does have a little plasticky smell. It’s nothing too overpowering, so I’m pretty neutral on this. I’d prefer something more sweet smelling, but that would usually indicate some kind of artificial fragrance. Rating 5/10

Efficacy: Lips indeed feel softer and plumped (has sort of a bounciness to it) in an instant without any hint of products on your lips. For e.g., there is no sheen nor colour to indicate that you applied something on your lips. It’s a good trick to get natural-looking soft, gentle and kissable lips! Rating 8.5/10


What I really like about BSoul Hydra Lip Cream is that it is quickly absorbed and leaves no stickiness. The fact that it is completely natural without all the harmful or synthetic additives is a super plus point as well. It is handy (I really hope I don’t misplace this one), helpful, and does its job of moisturising and protecting my lips! On days that I go with light makeup (like the photo above), it completes the natural look. On days that I apply lip colour, it performs as a fantastic base/prep for the lips! And yes, I apply this several times throughout the day :)


Where to get?

Hydra-Lip retails at SGD$52. To view this product, please hop to:

For online members, every $10 spent accumulates 1 credit point. Every 1 credit point can offset $1 off their future purchases! Other than selling products to end consumers, bSoul also distributes and trains beauty salons’ therapists.

bSoul is on Instagram too! Check them out at @bSoul_singapore :)

(Disclaimer: Product is sponsored but opinions are unbiased.)


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