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Regen Cosmetics #2: How to Create a Small 3D Korean face using both BB & CC creams

Hi ladies, ever wondered about BB and CC creams? I know that BB (blemish balm) creams are pumped with skin foods such as anti-oxidants, SPF and other skin-loving benefits, and CC (colour correction) creams deal more with skin sallowness and dullness. I’ve tried both, but have always wondered which side of the fence I’m on. I have a typical asian skin complexion that comes with its own set of problems – oily T-zone, dull skin tone, redness around the nose etc…

Regen cosmetics BB and CC cream review | Singapore beauty blog

BB or CC?

You see, using CC creams would mean that my entire face is brightened like a lightbulb, yet it doesn’t do much to conceal my redness. Using BB cream helps to conceal my redness, yet I end up with an entire one-tone (yellow) skin that’s just so one-dimensional. If you’re a user of BB creams, you would know what I mean!

I’m not sure about you, but I never knew that you could use both together at the same time!

Regen cosmetics BB and CC cream review | Singapore beauty blog

In this issue of Regen Cosmetics series (read #1 here), I’ll be introducing their Ultra Cover BB and Ultra Toning CC creams. And interestingly, they work hand-in-hand to help you create a 3-dimensional, gorgeous and small looking face! Curious how? Read on! :)

Firstly, let’s take a look at the two creams to find out how different they are and how they perform!

Regen cosmetics BB and CC cream review | Singapore beauty blog

Differences between BB and CC cream


  • BB – Natural skin colour
  • CC – Light pink whitish colour


  • BB – Light and Runny
  • CC – More like a curd… Yogurt texure?


  • BB – Regular foundation/BB cream smell
  • CC – Very light floral smell, but also a little like yogurt (haha what’s with my fascination with yogurt!)

Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

  • BB – SPF 46/PA++
  • CC – SPF  50/PA+++

Key Ingredients

  • BB – Titanium Dioxide, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Zinc Oxid, Niacinamide, Adenosine
  • CC – Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Ethylhexyl hydroxystearate, Titanium Oxide, Zinc Oxid, Niacinamide, Adenosine

Regen cosmetics BB and CC cream review | Singapore beauty blog

From this photo, you can clearly tell the different effects each cream has on the skin.

The CC cream is like an illuminator, banishing all yellow tones and giving a healthier, pinkish glow. If you have good skin, and a naturally pale but sallow skin tone, I think the CC cream would be good for you! Highlighting rating 8.5/10. Concealing rating 4/10.

The BB cream stays true to natural skin tone, yet concealing all redness (e.g. pimples) and purple tones (e.g. dark eye bags). I would think the BB is better for light to medium skin tones that are more concerned with redness and acne, as it can cover redness and blemishes VERY WELL. Highlighting rating 6/10. Concealing rating 8/10.

Now let’s see how these two creams can work together!

Creating a smaller face using Regen BB and CC creams

Regen cosmetics BB and CC cream review | Singapore beauty blog

Similar to the concept of how foundation, bronzer and highlighter work to contour then face, here are the steps to contour using only BB and CC creams.

1) Creating a base – Mix BB and CC creams in the ratio 2:1 with a clean foundation brush. Apply on whole face.

2) Contour and Conceal – Using the BB cream, contour chin line and also to conceal spots.

3) Highlight – Use CC cream to highlight T-zone and the area from brow bone to cheek bone.


My transformation from bare-faced to made-up face with Regen BB & CC creams

Regen cosmetics BB and CC cream review | Singapore beauty blog

Thoughts: Absolutely love how the BB conceals my redness, while the CC brightens up the skin tone! You can see how yellow and dull my skin is at first, but that disappears in the last photo. The T-zone is highlighted to create dimension so it’s not a flat look. I prefer a more matte finish, so I will always apply loose powder. To complete a full natural makeup look, I simply fill in my brows, add mascara and blusher! Photos are taken under natural lighting with no editing of colours and brightness so you can observe my transformation. Heh heh.

Aside from blotting a few times to remove shine, the makeup lasted the whole day. And most importantly, the creams did not clog my pores!

Psst! One of the key ingredients of the Ultra Cover BB and Ultra Toning CC creams is adenosine, that helps to heal scars after medical treatments or surgery! What can I say – brilliant addition by the plastic surgeons at Regen Medical Group! :)


I really like how Regen Cosmetics combines the usage of  specially formulated BB and CC creams to create such simple steps to achieve flawless looking skin, and I am sold! :) Try it too!

Regen Cosmetics is currently available at :

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You can also visit these links for more information!

Regen Medical Group – Plastic surgery, Dermatology, Dentistry – Beauty Cosmetics

Thank you Regen Cosmetics for your generosity! Do stay tuned for my next Regen Cosmetics post.

 (Disclaimer: Products are sponsored but opinions are my own.)



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