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Local and Handmade #2: Tee-Saurus

Hi lovelies! It’s time for another issue of Local and Handmade, where we get up close and chummy with our local designers and crafters/makers. It’s a series of blog posts that I started recently, in hope of presenting our very own local brands and products, and the faces behind them. I believe that there is a lot to learn from an entrepreneur’s journey and so far I am really enjoying interacting with these inspiring people!


Mypeaceofheaven x Tee-Saurus

In Issue #2, Mypeaceofheaven is honoured to interview the owners of Tee-Saurus, an award-winning Singapore brand that offers fun, unique and quirky graphic tees, tote bags and lifestyle products. I got in touch with Lawrens and Doris, the husband-and-wife team behind Tee-Saurus, and got to know them a little better!

Mypeaceofheaven x Tee-Saurus | Singapore Local and Handmade #2

| Dinosaurs – DINOFRIENDS in Chrome Gold $30 | Totebag Tee-Saurus Stegosaurus $15 |

Tee-saurus | Singapore Lifestyle

Tee-Saurus | An Interview with the Makers


Wear Your Dreams, Pave Your Road – Interview with the Owners

Lawrens and Doris from Tee-saurus

Lawrens and Doris, a dynamic duo.

Lawrens handles the creative / marketing side of the business like the conceptual, design and development aspects while Doris handles the logisitics and the operational aspects of Tee-Saurus.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Lawrens: It was the urge to break new grounds, to step out of my comfort zone. I do not like to be confined. The world is a truly bigger place, only if your dreams are enormous enough.

The whole idea of starting out is largely because of freedom. It’s the freedom to decide your direction, your goals and your fruition. Nothing is better than harvesting your own seeds of fruition.

How was it like when you first started?

L: Starting out was no easy feat. The most difficult task was the financial aspect. However if your mind is focused on what you want, nothing can block your way. I am lucky that I have a supportive wife who braved the storm with me.

The first thing many people would say would be “You must be mad” or “You have no clients to begin with”, you better do things that you know. But for me, I like stepping into unsafe waters, only to see what lies beyond the horizon.


Now, what is a typical day of managing your own handmade business like?

L: It’s all about planning, planning and planning.
We plan the seasons throughout the year. The festive. The specials. The unexpected. The surprises. Being on the creative side means we have to constantly see how we can churn out interesting ideas so that it sticks to your mind; just like our namecards.

It’s not the typical kind of card you see, but a badge! It ties in with what we do and it’s all about looking good!

I typically sketch my ideas into the books, then followed by digitally illustrating them on my mac. Then we would try different medias of printing until we see our faces lit up.

Is there a special meaning behind your design projects, especially the RAWR T-rex?

L: Yes. Most of our characters are designed to make you smile. They are characters that bring you rainbows on a gloomy day. They reflect a personality that tells a story how being optimistic can bring you through rough storms.

Rawr is born out to be cheeky, mischevious and one who is always there to make you giggle. It’s almost a duplicate of my own personality! Hahaha. And also, there are many little things and fun facts about T-Rex that we could poke at! For example, he always fails his sit-and-reach!

In Tee-Saurus, we mostly feature a single color icon design in our tees so we can play with special effect printing like Chrome Gold, Glitter Gold, Gloss Gold, Gold Holo, Vinyl, Camouflage and lots more. Of course we still have the range of full colored tees to suit the palettes.


Where do you get your inspirations for designs from?

L: Most of it comes from my childhood, like the Dinosaur series. I can remember quite a lot of things even from my childhood. There the series are the milestones from movies, schools, memories. The Dinosaur series (Land before Time), the Ocean series (Jaws), there would be Alien series (Aliens), Egyptians, etc.

And I love things that starts with an idea. I always believe ideas are the core. They create life, and legs to any creation.

What big plans can we look forward to from Tee-saurus in 2015?

Tee-Saurus | An Interview with the Makers

L: We are not only going into apparel but also we want to go into a complete lifestyle feature.
We are launching our home and décor series in Jan and Feb! They will be launched in MAAD on 9th Jan, 5pm to 11pm at Red Dot Museum, 25th Jan, 11am – 7pm in The Local People SG at Singapore Art Museum! Look out for us!

Tee-Saurus is collaborating with ShopLavotre to launch our very own Egyptian themed watches where you can customise your own name on your watch! How cool is that? You can email us at for more info!

What is one PERSONAL motto you live by?

L: “Make your dreams alive.”

Tee-Saurus’s motto is Wear your dreams, pave your road.

When you don on a Tee-Saurus, you are wearing your dreams and it’s time to make your dreams come to fruition. It’s time you pave your road.


 Tee-Saurus has launched their Chinese New Year collection, so head over to the following places to check them out!




MAAD at Red Dot Museum

The Local People SG

Thank you Lawrens for being so real and inspiring in this interview!

That’s all folks, thank you and I hope to bring you another episode of Local and Handmade soon! :D


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