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Regen Cosmetics #3: Ultra Sungel SPF45/ PA++ Review

Makeup with SPF is not enough

Hey y’all! Ever since my skin doctor advised me to never skip sunblock, I’ve been on a lookout for good sun blocks/ sun screens. I know a lot of makeup products now have added SPF (sun protection factor), but let me give you the heads up – just depending on your makeup for to help block those dreadful UV rays is not enough. The reason being – moisturisers/BB creams/CC creams/foundations with SPF are tinted, and that usually means that you will not apply an adequate amount for that SPF to actually work. (Well, that’s unless you always cake on a lot of make up. :S)

So I never really depend on just my makeup for sunscreen, instead I always apply a layer of sunblock before any makeup as a base.


Korea Regen Cosmetics Ultra Sungel Review | Singapore Beauty Blog

Got my BB, CC, SS and I’m good to go!!

I was excited when I saw that there was a sunscreen product in the generous Regen Cosmetics parcel all the way from Korea. Regen Cosmetic products are formulated by doctors under the Regen Medical Group that houses Plastic Surgery, Dermatology and Dentistry under-one-roof in a 15-storey building in Seoul, Korea. They are also responsible for some of the beautiful transformations for popular Korean reality TV show, Let Me In!

For a recent cruise trip to Penang, I brought the Ultra Sungel SS, and my favourites at the moment – the BB Ultra Cover and CC Ultra Toning cream – along with me. I had expected to be under the sun a lot; especially at Penang where we would be spending a day, and I do have high hopes for the Ultra Sungel SS!

Korea Regen Cosmetics Ultra Sungel Review | Singapore Beauty Blog

Yup that’s right, I love how easy it is to create a nicely contoured small face using the BB and CC creams together! It really saves me a lot of time. Read this post on how to do it.

So with these 3 main products from Regen Cosmetics, I’m ready to look fabulous on the ship! Wahaha!


Korea Regen Cosmetics Ultra Sungel Review | Singapore Beauty Blog

Review of the Ultra Sungel SS SPF45/ PA++

Texture: When pumped out from the tube, it has a light and fluffy consistency – almost like whipped cream. When applied, it melts into the skin leaving a smooth finish. I usually use a generous amount and distribute it to my 1) forehead, 2) cheeks, 3) nose, 4) chin, and 5) the area under my nose and above my lips. It is not sticky nor creamy, which makes it very easy to spread to all parts of the face. There is a slight sheen after application (normal for sunscreen products), and I would press a tissue lightly onto my face to remove some of it. Rating: 9/10

Colour: White in colour, so does not alter skin colour other than a little brightening effect. As such, this product works perfect as a base! Rating: 8/10

Cons? Seriously, there is nothing I don’t like about this product, maybe the only thing would be that the tube is too small. It is already running out because I use it everyday and sometimes on my arms as well! I just love it so much! I wish they have it in a big bottle and I would use this on my body too because it actually makes my skin feel smoother! Its lightness is great for our humid weather, and is not too shiny, giving just the right amount of healthy glow.


Korea Regen Cosmetics Ultra Sungel Review | Singapore Beauty Blog

After applying the SS gel, I apply the BB to even out my skin tone, and the CC to highlight. With the BB having SPF 46/PA++, and the CC having SPF  50/PA+++, I know that using all these three together will give me adequate coverage! Do read this post on how I achieve flawless looking skin with Regen’s BB & CC creams.

Korea Regen Cosmetics Ultra Sungel Review | Singapore Beauty Blog

 Thank you Regen Cosmetic for letting me stay fair during my cruise and avoid the effects of harmful UV rays! I will be blogging about my trip soon with lots of unglam photos, so stay tuned! :)


Regen Cosmetics is currently available at :

( is having a sale for Regen products right now!)

You can also visit these links for more information

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 (Disclaimer: Products are sponsored but opinions are my own.)


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