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CNY Outfits and Yay To A New Change Of Luck!

Happy Lunar New Year to all celebrating!

I hope everyone’s having a great time so far with all the family gatherings – mahjong – and good food! I’ve been waiting so long for this new year because it symbolises a brand new start and a change of luck. This year, I’ve taken a more relaxed attitude towards family gatherings, meaning to say that I’m not bothered by what my relatives think of me – what I’m doing/working as etc – anymore. Perhaps it’s all in my head, but the thought of them judging me has prevented me from enjoying such gatherings previously. Putting all that fear aside has allowed me to smile more, and talk/joke more with my relatives – especially elders – this time round.

As long as I clearly know my goals and what I am doing, I am no longer held captive by things others say that may lead to my own self-demeaning thoughts. I think this is how self-confidence feels like! Not saying that I’m super confident right now, but at least I know what words to take in and what to let it just brush past.

CNY OOTD | Singapore Blogger


This year, I did some pretty last-minute outfit shopping just for the first two days of CNY, and bought a little black dress and an overalls pinafore. Coincidentally, my sister had also bought a little black dress and an overalls one week earlier! Haha, I was quite amused at our similar choices, but happy really, because that means that our fashion style is similar.


CNY OOTD | Singapore Blogger

Can you guess? I bought this at Bugis Street for just $15. Haha What a steal! It was the fastest shopping trip ever that only took 20 mins. Went with Hammy and he spotted this, and bam that was it. I really like it because it’s bright and cheery, and also a part of me has a fetish for clothing with little side pockets. ^^ Shoes are from Rubi for 10 bucks.

CNY OOTD | Singapore Blogger

Sis got this flattering black skater dress from H&M for $24.90. She has so much likes on Instagram can! @lolwts

I actually tried on the same dress when I was shopping at H&M! We’re very happy that we’ve found a place that has sizes for both of us.


CNY OOTD | Singapore Blogger

My black dress with contrast collar and sleeve binding from H&M. Absolutely love how I feel in it. This dress is so me.

Ballerina ankle strap platform pumps from Taobao. Check out my Taobao haul! :)

CNY OOTD | Singapore Blogger

For Day 2, my sister wore her overalls (also from H&M).

CNY OOTD | Singapore Blogger

Cousins all grown up! Random fact: our parents are cousins too.

CNY OOTD | Singapore Blogger

Selfie at relatives’ house while waiting for the ‘ban luck’ table to start. Lol.

That’s all for the first 2 days of CNY. Looking forward to the next family dinner on the 28th, a friend’s wedding on the 1st March, and another dinner on the 2nd! I have taken a hiatus from blog-related events for awhile >.< , but I’ve accepted invites to quite a number of events in March, so.. bring it on! :)


.. All izz well ..


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