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Royal Caribbean Cruise 4D3N Penang – Review of Mariner of the Seas!

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Being on board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship for the first time in our lives has really changed our perception on cruises. I’ve always thought that cruises are boring and there’s really not much to do. I was initially looking forward to the wi-fi so I could still keep in touch with the world, but it was only until we boarded the ship that we realised that there’s no free wi-fi at all. Haha surprisingly, it was the lack of connection to the world that made us fully understand the importance of disconnecting ourselves from the hustle and bustle of life once in a while.

It was really refreshing!

Cruises, as compared to overseas country trips, are ten times more relaxing and stress-free. Everything is provided for on the ship – daily meals are served in several dining places, there’s even FREE room service the whole day – and basically you do not have to worry about anything at all. I believe that’s the true lure of cruises, simply leaving work behind and not having to check emails or pick up work-related calls simply because there’s the option of doing it.

We enjoyed exploring every nook and cranny of the Mariner of the Seas- even checked out their helipad. The ship is really huge with 15 storeys! The only thing we forgot to do was to visit the bridge to see how the Captain and crew operate the ship. Dang, we’re gonna do that the next time.


Here are some things we loved about the cruise:

  • Gorgeous main dining hall (almost like titanic’s)
  • Free-flow ordering of food served to you
  • All-day room service (Major love!)
  • Stuffing ourselves silly (erm, 5 meals a day!)
  • Soothing sound of waves, endless waters..
  • Beautiful sunset and sunrise
  • Our favourite Cheese Plate that we kept ordering over and over!
  • Admiring the moon and stars at night, having htht or just a quiet moment with each other lying on deck chairs on the top deck
  • No disturbances from the outside world, no emails, no news, no whatsapp, only quality time with loved ones
  • Lastly, food, food, and endless supply of food!

We stopped over at Penang on the second day and had about 5 hours to explore some temples and local exports like Penang White Coffee (although I would have loved to get their ‘tau sar piah’ instead but didn’t have enough time). We also had a sumptuous seafood dinner at 大树下 Da Shu Xia (Under a Big Tree). Will probably share about that in another post because it’s so good!


Psst… Did you hear about the woman who sold her property and lived on cruise ships for 7 years? Haha we were joking about her before the trip, but during the cruise, we truly understood how one can just leave the world behind and be on the seas.

It was such a great getaway and Hammy and I are looking forward to our next cruise, perhaps we can cruise further and for more days. Barely a month back and Hammy’s already reminiscing about the cruise! Haha. Truly grateful for this opportunity and experience.

Have you been on a cruise before and which company/ship do you recommend?? Share with me!



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