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Sponsored Video: A Unique Breakfast Experience

Have you experienced any extraordinary service in Singapore where staff have gone the extra mile for you? Check out how this pop-up cafe offers and crafts a unique breakfast experience for its customers! I would definitely give it a go!

This video spreads an underlying message – in which great service is not just the responsibility of the service staff, but the consumer as well, and both can play a part in making the customer experience a personal, enjoyable and interactive one.


Help us help you.

Come to think of it, having worked in the retail and service industry for awhile, I admit that customers sometimes determine our day. When we meet pleasant people, a simple heartfelt “Thank you for your help” from them can really make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But do you know the ONE THING that will make us feel like we’re on top of the world? It is to receive a commendation letter sent to our bosses!! Hahaha I remember being very proud and happy when my assistant store manager told me one day that a customer wrote in an email to commend the service that I had rendered. Such reciprocal actions by the customer really mean a lot to service staff, and not only that, it helps with the staff’s yearly appraisals as well.

Similarly, customers’ negative feedback are also invaluable, as it gives the management a chance to address service lapses and take steps to empower their service staff to be better at their jobs before they lose all their clients. Yikes!

Now did you know? There is an award called the Singapore Service Excellence Medallion that is presented to organisations and individuals that have demonstrated the highest level of service to their clients. Organisations can nominate themselves, and they will be assessed based on their service culture, people strategies, as well as how they have continuously innovated their service systems, processes and offerings to enhance customer experiences.

This year, the award has added one extra feature, and that is to invite consumers to vote for their favourite service providers! Word-of-mouth is becoming increasingly important to consumers and organisations nowadays, and great customer service, more often than not, is the differentiating factor for the entire customer experience and customer satisfaction. After all, what point is there an amazing product, but the service terrible? I’m sure we’ve all came across that one organisation that fits the bill.

But fortunately, we can all co-create to produce better experiences. Great service is a two-way street, it is the responsibility of both the provider and consumer; and we can all make Singapore a better and happier place to shop, eat and play!

[This post is sponsored by Singapore Tourism Board, but thoughts are my own.]


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