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Fashion Outfits under $100 with

Hello! Continuing on my previous post where I realised that I had outgrown my clothes “psychologically” – in the sense that I feel that the clothes I own currently do not represent me adequately – I decided to do some online clothes shopping. I headed over to, where many great deals in Singapore are found.

LAZADA sells anything and best of all, most are heavily discounted! Perfect chance to explore new fashion styles at wallet-friendly prices. :)

In this blogpost, I put together 2 outfits that will just set me back for less than $100, plus some extra coveted accessories if I have more to spare.

Outfit #1: Sports Chic

LAZADA.SG Fashion outfits under 100


1. OOP Babar Yoga For Elephants Tote $39.90 love-power-biker-dress-8424-663012-4-zoom

2. Love Power Biker Dress $12.90 dw-classy-glasgow-silver-5468-51984-1-zoom

3. DW Classy Glasgow Silver $134.25 lzd-lace-up-espadrille-platforms-white-1427-863951-1-zoom

4.  LZD Lace-Up Espadrille Platforms in WHITE $24.90

This style is one that I do not mind trying out. The dress looks simple but when worn (on model), it gives off a youthful sporty vibe. I’m more into flats now (for easy running and walking faster, haha), so the laced-up espadrilles really caught my eye. Now I know where I can get trendy and affordable shoes in Singapore. I see myself wearing this outfit when I’m out doing errands in town or for a weekend brunch meeting.

SPLURGE ITEMS: Tote and watch.

The tote has really cute prints of elephants doing yoga! Annnd.. I’ve been wanting a watch for ages and couldn’t help browsing LAZADA’s watch category – which awed me with its varieties and prices – and found one from Daniel Wellington that matches this outfit.

Outfit #2: Holiday Casual

LAZADA.SG Fashion outfits under 100


 1. Bluelans Womens Batwing Chiffon Striped Short Sleeve T-shirt Blue $7 ice-watch-ice-bart-verheyen-mens-red-silicone-strap-watch-ice-bv-rd-u-s-13-5127-093251-1-zoom

2. Ice-Watch ICE Bart Verheyen Men’s Red Silicone Strap Watch $55.20  canvas-shoes-0279-858063-2-zoom

3. Canvas Shoes $9.90 lzd-front-panel-skort-cream-6668-192983-4-zoom

4. LZD Front Panel Skorts $17.90 sanwood-womens-canvas-letter-tote-messenger-shoulder-bag-light-green-export-2034-798944-1-zoom

5. Sanwood Women’s Canvas Letter Tote Messenger Shoulder Bag Light Green $14

Aha! Outfit #2 is more casual, something that I might really wear. I’ve always thought that the sailor theme is cute, but I like it a little less when it’s right in your face anchor prints, scarves and all. So with this outfit, I toned it down a lot. Still keeping to the base colours of the sailor theme (red, blue and white), I imagined this outfit to be something I might wear on a short holiday, for e.g., walking down the streets of Penang, comfortable and casual.


The statement red watch really holds the whole outfit together, giving a quirky and playful take.

So how do you like my outfit ideas? Taking away the splurge items, I can actually get 3 pieces of clothing, 1 canvas tote, and 2 pairs of shoes from for under $100, which is a steal! While browsing, it was quite unbelievable that many fashion items cost less than 10 bucks.

Here you go, go ahead and pull together your own outfit ideas at! :)

Mother’s Day Campaign


Right now, Lazada is having mother’s day campaign where one lucky winner stands to win a Michael Kors tote worth $600. Click on the link to find out how and get some ideas for buying mothers’ day gifts online.

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