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MAJOR Update on my life (if you’re kaypo)

Public Announcement!

Hi guys! It’s been a whirlwind of activities ever since I dived into preparing for a MAJOR EVENT in my life. Haha nope sorry it’s not a wedding, but Beary Naise Co.‘s first trade show! It’s happening at Public Garden tomorrow, Saturday 13th June, 1-7pm at Suntec Convention Hall 403.

Public Garden Beary Naise Co. Singapore Flea market

Come and say hi if you’re free! The fair will not disappoint. :) There’re vendors from all over Asia, with very unique and one-of-a-kind products.

Random Updates. Do bear with me.

Beary Naise Co. Singapore Customised bags.

So what have I been up to? I took 3 months to prepare from zero items to a humble number of 52 products for the trade show. Within these 3 months, I also completed 3 customised orders. And I’m still enjoying every bit of it. So tomorrow’s the day, and I happened to have a little time to update this space amidst all the final tagging of my products, sewing up the finishing touches, and planning the layout of my booth.

Sneak peek on the products that we are debuting at the trade show

Beary Naise Co. Handmade pouch

Beautiful and soft-to-the-touch Medium Pouches to accompany you on your journeys.

Beary Naise Co. handmade lip balm holder

Really cute and unique Lip Balm/Gloss Pouchettes to hang on your bag so you no longer have to lose them. I already lost count on how many lip balms I have misplaced just because! Haha so this is THE solution.

Beary Naise Co. Diaper Bag/ Baby Bag Beary Naise Co. Diaper Bag/ Baby Bag

On display will be our popular and original design Mia Diaper Bag that we will be taking orders for. We provide embroidery services for baby’s name/moniker as well, so it’s a perfect and personal gift for a good mummy friend! Not only that, it doesn’t scream “Diaper Bag!!” so Daddys will LOVE it as well.

Come and feel its quality in person at the fair tomorrow.

There are more products, but I’m gonna keep you in suspense.

Hammy made me some customised props with pieces of wood from DAISO! Super amazed at what you can actually make with wood, nails, saw and file. It was hard work nonetheless, like Design&Technology class all over again. I am extremely thankful for his help. HE’S THE BEST. Felt so touched with the customised props he made for me, and I can’t wait to update Instagram (@bearynaise) on my booth tomorrow!!


June is the best month for Beary Naise Co. so far. I attended Etsy Craft Party last week, and I’m going to attend a local textile tour on Sunday. Then it’s screen printing course at the end of the month. My calendar is pretty packed with the things I love.

When I was working for others (not for my passion), I was tired all the time and exhausted due to long hours of standing. I remembered feeling so tired that I told myself, “If I have to be so tired working outside, I will rather be tired working for myself doing what I love.” So, instead of using my energy building someone else’s business, I decided to invest it in my own!

It’s not easy, it is a lot of hard work; some days I sew until my eyes sort of lost their ability to focus on far objects cuz I was doing near-work for so long. >.< And there’s always the pressure that I should just get a normal job. But I am just unwilling to give up on the endless possibilities I can achieve with my own biz. With my heart fully set on this, I have attracted so many things that will help me along the way.

Greatest Thanks

My customers have been nothing but supportive. And I truly thank them for trusting in my capabilities to craft a good bag and their patience with me. It is my pleasure and honour to be able to solve your bagging needs! Haha

Hammy has been truly supportive and hands-on with Beary Naise Co. too and I cannot stress enough that I will not be able to do this if not for his constant love and support.

Okay so that’s all for this update, I will be back with more posts next week! :D

Thank you! See you at the fair!


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