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My Eyelash Extensions Wonder Lash at Allure Beauty

Hiya ladies I’m back with a beauty post after soooo long! Haven’t been feeling very attractive ever since I chopped my hair – but it’s necessary because it makes me look more mature and that’s better for work!

Well hair on the head aside, today I’m going to share about hair elsewhere… my eyelashes!

Eyelashes – my only saving grace!

I’m blessed enough to have medium length eyelashes, and frankly, I depend on them to help my eyes to appear larger. But I do have to curl them (MUST), then apply mascara. Applying mascara without curling is a big no-no as that effectively closes the curtain on my eyes.

I’ve always, always wanted to try eyelash extensions because: 1) having thick, voluminous eyelashes has been my secret beauty dream for awhile, 2) big eyes are my only saving grace, and 3) I don’t know how to use false lashes (they just seem so complicated!).

So I immediately grabbed the chance when I was invited to Allure Beauty‘s new outlet at Tampines 1 to try out either their Signature Eyebrow Embroidery/ Wonder Lash/ Signature Plus Facial. I’m already a satisfied recipient of Allure Beauty’s Signature Eyebrow Embroidery, so choosing Wonderlash was a no-brainer!

Eyelash extensions review | Mypeaceofheaven Beauty Blog Eyelash extensions review | Mypeaceofheaven Beauty BlogNew Allure Beauty outlet at Tampines 1 shopping mall!

Eyelash extensions review | Mypeaceofheaven Beauty Blog

To ensure that the results look as natural as possible, the therapist first chooses the false eyelashes that matches your own eyelashes according to the length and overall thickness. As such, they do have strands of different lengths so you don’t look like you actually stuck on those thick and straight-cut falsies!

Developed by a Korean veteran in the beauty industry, the Wonder Lash combines 2-3 strands of synthetic hairs and only fills in the empty parts of one’s eyelashes.

Steps that occurred during Wonder Lash

1) Allure Beauty therapist will use a cleanser to remove excess oil and make up from the eyelids and eyelashes.

2)  She then pastes a tape over my bottom lashes to prevent them from sticking to the upper lashes. (You can see from the photo above!)

3) Combing of lashes to separate them individually.

4) Therapist uses a pincette to apply the false eyelashes to real lashes, carefully without poking your eyes. The special type of glue used is durable, thereby extending the shelf-life of the lashes.

5) Final step is applying moistening lotion to ease any discomfort from the new set of lashes! She might also use a small portable cool fan to ensure that the glue is fully dry before removing the tapes on the bottom lids.

And you’re done!

Viola, Just look at the Results!

Eyelash extensions review | Mypeaceofheaven Beauty Blog

Since this was the first time that I had done eyelash extensions, my therapist was really reassuring, and allowed me to see how I look like with 1 layer first. When I saw the first layer, I liked it so much that I requested for a second layer!

The whole procedure took about 45mins for me.

Some of the after-care advised are:

  • Don’t pull out the false lashes as that will pull out your natural lash as well
  • Don’t wash your face with the shower head as the pressure of the water might damage the pattern and placement of the false lashes
  • Be gentle when removing makeup (eyeshadow etc), basically I wouldn’t advise applying eyeliner nor mascara
  • Don’t rub eyes

This almost brings me back to when I did my Eyebrow Embroidery with Allure Beauty as well and I used the facial method of cleansing my face – using cotton pads and no splashing of water at my face – but for Eyelash Extensions, it is much easier to handle.

I still avoid washing my lash line directly with cleanser, but I do splash my face with water at the top of my forehead so the water flows down but does not hit the lashes directly. Then I use the towel to dab underneath my lashes to absorb the water as I cannot press the towel down onto my lash line and eyes; like how we dry our faces normally.

Thoughts on having eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions review | Mypeaceofheaven Beauty Blog

My eyes look so much more defined after the procedure. I do not have to curl and apply mascara for the next 2-3 weeks (which is the average shelf-life). And the lashes are seriously, seriously, very natural-looking.

Eyelash extensions review | Mypeaceofheaven Beauty Blog

I do experience some prickling some times as those lashes are sitting on my natural lashes after all and not grown from the skin; and it sure took some getting used to. But after getting used to the feeling of the lash extensions, I love how it saves me a lot of time curling and applying mascara.

Dropping of the extensions do occur as our natural lashes fall off on their own and grow new ones again. If the extensions fall off and leave empty patches in between, Allure Beauty also provides professional removal of the extensions so you can remove them safely!

My tip: If you’re considering when to book an appointment, do eyelash extensions just 1-2 days before your special occasion. My opinion is that it is in the most natural and prettiest state.

They look so good that my friend thought that I stuck on falsies, but then dismissed that thought because they look so natural! It was only when she saw my Instagram post (@mypeaceofheaven) that she found out that it was actually Eyelash Extensions!

Eyelash extensions review | Mypeaceofheaven Beauty Blog

Well thank you Mistical for the invite to experience Wonder Lash for myself – it’s been something that I’ve been wishing for and I’m utterly grateful! Special thanks to Allure Beauty and my therapist for the excellent job! Haha the therapists are all so camera-shy so no photos! ^^


Wonder Lash starts from $98 for the first layer. Get your first trial at $68 for the first layer! 

Allure Beauty Salon Outlets

West Mall (next to Bukit Batok MRT), #04-10/11. Telephone: 68982242

City Square Mall (next to Farrer Park MRT), #03-29/30. Telephone: 65098859

*NEW* Tampines 1 (next to Tampines MRT), #04-34. Telephone: 64813608



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