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Time for some girl talk about our lady bits.

I know this is hardly talked about… but if you have ever felt icky, sweaty, and sticky down below, I’ve got something that might ease that.

It’s getting so warm nowadays that every minute spent outside can make me perspire (and I’m one of those people who hardly perspires), and having a meal at the hawker centre is almost guaranteed a sweaty affair. I can’t even imagine going for PE lessons in such weather…

Lactacyd Teens | Singapore Beauty Blog

Lactacyd, the No. 1 feminine hygiene brand worldwide and in Singapore, has introduced a special formula just for teens! In order to cater to teenage girls’ active lifestyle, the Lactacyd Teens has triple protection against odour, discomfort and stickiness.

Its key ingredients include milk-based ingredients (lactic acid and lactoserum), 7 botanical extracts including aloe vera and rosemary.

According to a survey done among 850 teenage girls aged 13-17 in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, 90% of them gave a rating of slightly/very/extremely liked the product.

Lactacyd Teens | Singapore Beauty Blog

Like a healthy face that acts as a clean canvas to take care of itself, a healthy vagina shields its extremely delicate areas from bad bacteria through a natural protective mechanism – needing very little effort on your part. It’s easy, because keeping the vagina healthy is simply maintaining it in its natural state. –

I totally subscribe to the view that we actually do not need fanciful products to “aid” in the cleaning of the the vagina, but I feel that instead of using regular body wash when showering, why not use a feminine wash that is specially formulated to maintain the acidic pH of the area?

That said, wearing clean and breathable cotton underwear and showering after exercising or perspiring are important habits to help our lady bits clean itself as well!

Lactacyd Teens | Singapore Beauty Blog

Available at Watsons: $6.90 (120ml) | $3.00 (60ml)

Get your free trial of Lactacyd Teens!

 I’ve personally tried it and found the scent to be quite refreshing. :) If you would like to try it, Lactacyd Teens is giving out FREE SAMPLES, delivered right to your doorstep!

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Lactacyd Teens | Singapore Beauty Blog

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(This post is sponsored by Lactacyd Teens)


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