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Craft Workshop Review #1: Luxury Gift Wrap Course from UK

Hi ladies! Craft workshops are becoming a big hit in Singapore, with courses in every imaginable subject. More people are interested to learn new crafts and skills, and many makers/creators  are stepping forward to pass on their knowledge. It’s a beautiful thing when makers are recognised for their work, and students become appreciative of the processes and hard work that goes into making a handmade product.

I cannot be more thankful for the many opportunities to pursue my interests. I’ve always been a believer of life-long learning, and this culture of attending workshops to learn new skills has really given me an outlet to exercise my creativity, add more depth in my life and rejuvenate my soul. Which is why I will be starting a new segment on the blog that reviews all the workshops that I have attended, hoping to inspire more Singaporeans to explore the myriad of lifestyle and craft workshops Singapore now has to offer. :)

Celebrity Gift-Wrapper!

Getting the ball rolling is a very special course that I was invited to on 1st August 2015; an intimate glimpse into the world of luxurious gift wrapping and presents that only appear on Pinterest. Course instructor Jane Means specially flew in from her busy work schedule in UK to share her expertise with us. She isn’t just somebody who knows how to wrap a few presents; her clients include Harrods, Chanel, Dior, Ralph Lauren, and Victoria Beckham, as well as the super rich, celebrities and royalty. Jane is a highly experienced teacher, author and TV presenter has been running her creative courses and services for over 15 years in Europe.

SG Workshop Review: How To Luxury Gift Wrap

I was very excited to get my hands working on some Pinterest-worthy gift-wrapping techniques! I used to be really bad at wrapping presents – even got paper cuts from wrapping papers while trying – but the techniques shared by Jane were easy-to-follow and got me ‘feeling like-a-pro’ in no time.

SG Workshop Review: How To Luxury Gift Wrap

Absolutely loved having the Singapore city skyline as backdrop for the class.

SG Workshop Review: How To Luxury Gift Wrap

Here are some of the things we learned in the course:

Gift Wrapping

  • Perfect way to wrap a gift box
  • Folding our own envelop and gift packet
  • How to tie a perfect butterfly bow
  • Dressing wrapped gifts with various ribbon knots
  • Pleated wrapping to create interest
  • How to wrap oddly shaped gifts like a wine bottle
  • How to wrap round objects like a tin of biscuits
  • How to wrap a floppy gift like a packet of sweets
  • Wrapping with plastic and decorative tissue


  • Ric-rac rose
  • Wire ribbon rose
  • Pinwheel
  • Simple bow
  • Wire ribbon bow
  • Paper flower using musical notes
  • Pom Pom

There was so much to take away from the course. I would imagine that for people who are into handicrafts and scrap-booking, you would really love it! And with end-of-year holidays impending, personalised gift-wrapping is a way to show how special the receiver is to you.

SG Workshop Review: How To Luxury Gift Wrap

Participants doing a little shopping after the class.

Jane brought some hard-to-find decorative wrapping tissue and they were quickly snapped up. There were also dainty ribbon rolls and beautiful wrapping paper. She said she brought whatever that could fit into her luggage; thanks Jane! I got myself some wrapping paper.

SG Workshop Review: How To Luxury Gift WrapA photo with lovely Jane.

Asked her what was the strangest gift that she has ever wrapped and to our surprise, it was a ROCKING HORSE! The class chuckled as she described the experience; about 6 helpers collectively held up wrapping plastic and moved in on the horse. Haha Never a dull day!

She also travels around the globe, wrapping for the biggest names in the fashion and beauty industry like Dior, Harrods and Victoria Beckham. The beautiful wrapped gift boxes you see in DIOR shop windows? Yep, they are by her. :)

SG Workshop Review: How To Luxury Gift Wrap

Beautiful ric-rac rose and ribbon that Jane taught that day. I love how every single method she showed us instantly jazzes up a simple box.

SG Workshop Review: How To Luxury Gift Wrap

We had so many goodies to bring home from the course, and these aren’t even all of it! I’m so proud of my handiwork :)

SG Workshop Review: How To Luxury Gift Wrap

A group photo of the second class, where we stayed to mingle a little.

She had to fly back to the UK the day after, but we suggested to her that she could visit Chinatown, Spotlight, and Arab Street the next time she’s here. At one point we even mentioned buying ribbons from Taobao. Haha!


She’s a really warm person and brought so much to the table. I would definitely recommend her Luxury Gift Wrapping course to anyone who loves handicraft, scrap-booking and decorating.

The next time she might be here again in Singapore to teach the course would be Spring next year, so this is a really really rare workshop by the gift-wrapping maestro herself!

Do follow her on social media to find out when!







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