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Craft Workshop Review #2: Cat Brooch Needle Felting at Community Centres

It all started in July when I got wind of the 2000 FREE classes that PA (People’s Association) was dishing out at Community Centres. I wanted to join the Dressmaking course at Nee Soon South CC so badly, I called on Friday and there were 6 spaces left. But when I went down to the CC the next day to register, they told me that it’s all taken up. Actions all so fast! I was really bummed for a day or two after that.

Then a few weeks later Hammy and I went to Mountbatten CC to do our PassionCard, I browsed through the booklet of free courses again and saw that Mountbatten CC had a 3hr needle felting class. I thought it would be interesting to learn a new craft (why not?) and when I told Hammy that I wanted to go for that, he actually said let’s sign up together!

And so we attended trainer Kit Mui’s needle felting workshop.

(You can search for her classes here.)

What is needle felting?

An introduction to wool needle felting – it is using a special spikey needle tool to interlace wool fibres by the action of poking and piercing the wool. When the wool fibres become more interlaced, they become more compact and firm. A foam board is usually used as a base for the needle to poke through, also to ensure safety that you don’t accidentally pierce your fingers.

So all materials you will need are:

  • Needle felting needle
  • Wool fibres of different colours
  • Foam board
  • A pair of scissors
  • Craft glue (if you’re using plastic bead eyes)

Needle felting is a rather relaxing and forgiving craft. Relaxing because all you need to do is concentrate on poking the ball of wool to form the 3D shape that you want. (You HAVE TO concentrate and look where you’re poking because the needle is extremely sharp!) And forgiving because you can always change the shape by moulding with your hands, or poking more (or less) to alter the shape any time. This sorts of ensures that you will always end up with the shape you have pictured in mind.

Needle felting cat brooch workshop review | Singapore Craft Blog

Throughout the class, trainer Kit Mui guided us step by step on how to create a cat head wool ball. The cat head is made up of 3 wool parts – the head and 2 ears. So after making the parts separately, we joined the parts together using the same poking technique as well.

We then added the cat’s features like whiskers, nose, and eyes. The features require a little more work as we are working with less fibres and it’s somehow harder to control. Hammy added the eye patch and a cute little tongue for his cat. Too cute!

Needle felting cat brooch workshop review | Singapore Craft Blog

Mine looks so cartoonish next to his!! Well but that’s the beauty of craftwork – each person will have their own interpretations and outcomes, which is why the work we do can never really be easily replaced. I think they look good together, don’t they? Haha self-praise… -_-“‘

Finally we use craft glue to stick the brooch backing onto the felted cat and tadahh, it became a brooch in an instant.

I’ve been wearing the cat brooch out so often nowadays! You can probably spot it in my upcoming event posts. I find it so easy to match and it adds character to my dressing. I really like the idea of wearing brooches and we will probably make a couple more felt brooches soon! Hammy is so game for this. :)

Needle felting cat brooch workshop review | Singapore Craft Blog

It was time well-spent on a Sunday afternoon bonding with Hammy, and we both learned a new craft! Thank you Ms Kit Mui and PA for conducting more and more craft classes!

The workshop ($15 + $5 material fee) accepts children above 12, so it can be a fun family activity together. The trainer also moves around the different CCs so there might just be a class near you. :)

Search for classes on PA’s website:


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