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Zoe’s Wedding Talk: Discovering my dream wedding vendors at

I’ve always taken a ‘it comes naturally’ approach when the topic falls on marriage and wedding. Hammy and I have been dating for 6 years, and we are taking our time. It’s not that we have no plans  – we do – we just like to procrastinate… NO LAH! Haha okay that was a joke (really!), we do have plans, and are looking forward to a future together.

Just that, a wedding doesn’t just fall from the sky, you know?

There’s a lot of planning. Where is it going to be? Which bridal studio to get wedding gown and suit? How to decorate the place? Still must send invitations. Should I have flowers?? I NEED TO BUILD ARM MUSCLES & TONE MY THIGHS. Bridesmaidsssss.. Make up and hair leh!?

A thousand and one questions and thoughts flood my mind with just one word – wedding. Hammy and I often joke that we will just use tripod and self-timer for our photoshoot, and host our dinner at a zi char stall*. Hahaha. But jokes aside, we know that our parents will definitely want a proper wedding dinner.

Which is why I just spent hours poring over the site – an online wedding vendor catalogue that connects ordinary brides-to-be like you and me, to wedding vendors from Singapore and all over the world!

Bridestory Online Wedding Vendor Catalogue | Singapore Blog

[Picture Credit: Raymond Phang Photography | Bridestory]

I’ve always thought that I would have to visit bridal studios to sign package, settle for their gowns, photography, videography, make up and hair services. You know, the normal way. But hearing so many horror stories of bridal studios cheating customers and not being able to deliver a perfect wedding scares me. Where do I even start? I think in Singapore, a lot of couples choose their bridal studios through word-of-mouth; meaning if their cousin/friend used a particular studio and had a good experience, they are more likely to choose the same. Social media plays a big part as well, with names like Bobby Kiran Photography and Multifolds Photography being really popular with local Instagrammers.

Bridestory Online Wedding Vendor Catalogue | Singapore Blog

 But Bridestory is a one-stop shop platform where I can search for vendors in categories such as ‘Photography’, ‘Dress & Attire’, ‘Decoration & Lighting’, ‘Favors & Gifts’, ‘Flowers’, and even ‘Invitations’.

I can click in to view vendors’ previous works, read reviews, view/request pricelist, message and contact the vendor directly using Bridestory! And if I like what I see, I can even ‘Save Vendor’ for future serious consideration.

 Bridestory Online Wedding Vendor Catalogue | Singapore Blog

The website is beautiful and attractive (very Pinterest-y), and easy to navigate. The “Countries” search bar is going to be very useful for couples who are looking to take their pre-wedding shoots overseas, or even exploring more gown options from other countries! There are even vendors from Australia, Greece, France, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Sweden, just to name a few. And there’s always the ease of just searching for Singapore vendors.

In addition, thanks to the “Budget” search bar, if you know exactly how much you want to spend on things like flowers and lightings, you can simply search for the right vendors. :)

Bridestory Online Wedding Vendor Catalogue | Singapore Blog

[Photo Credit: Arture Photography | Bridestory]

My Dream Rustic Wedding!

Just sharing this beauuutiful wedding I found on Bridestory. If you’re thinking rustic weddings cannot be done in Singapore, you’re dead wrong! Just check out how PERFECT this wedding was! Held at NOSH Restaurant (which recently is becoming a super popular place for intimate weddings), and decorated by MERRYLOVE Weddings, this wedding is everything that I have ever dreamed of.

Bridestory Online Wedding Vendor Catalogue | Singapore Blog Bridestory Online Wedding Vendor Catalogue | Singapore Blog Bridestory Online Wedding Vendor Catalogue | Singapore Blog

[Picture credits: Bloc Memoire Photography | Bridestory]

Perfect. Perfect. Perfect!

I’m going to check out ‘Make Up & Hair’, ‘Cakes’, ‘Invitation’ vendors at Bridestory next and conjure up my dream wedding. And perhaps I’ll be a little more prepared for planning my own. :)

*those seafood stalls at local coffee shops

(This post is brought to you by Bridestory)


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