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Shipping via Taobao Agent 65Daigou is now CHEAPER than Taobao Direct.

Hi guys! I’m back with another shopping post on This time I have even better news for you. Read on to find out what!

Taobao Logo is the place where I do most of my online shopping now. Ever since my first fuss-free shopping experience, I’ve gotten hooked on the irresistible prices and ease of shipping my goods from China over to Singapore. Prices on Taobao are way way lower than what you can get in Singapore and you can find almost everything and anything!

Many people are still skeptical about shopping from China, citing low quality and distrust in China sellers. But wait a minute, China manufacturing has become so widespread that even the Tshirt you’re wearing right now is a ‘Made in China’. So to me, the notion that everything-made-in-China-is-low-quality is slowly becoming obsolete.

Taobao Haul

Check out the haul post that I did for my first Taobao parcel via agent 65Daigou, I am still wearing most of the shoes I bought one year back! Quality of some are really good, for the price I paid, I can truthfully say that it’s worth it.

Taobao agent 65Daigou shipping cheaper than 4px | Singapore shopping blog Taobao agent 65Daigou shipping cheaper than 4px | Singapore shopping blog Taobao agent 65Daigou shipping cheaper than 4px | Singapore shopping blog

Yup, I use Agent 65Daigou to buy things from Taobao.

Taobao didn’t use to ship to overseas at all – buyers needed a China address to purchase from the website – so technically the website was closed to outsiders. When Taobao announced in 2013 that they are going to have appointed freight forwarders to start shipping to overseas buyers, I was elated and wanted to try buying via their direct shipping. However, the process took more hair-pulling and frowns than anticipated that I almost gave up shopping on Taobao entirely altogether.

You can check out this post where I shared how I bought using Taobao Direct the very first time and almost cried. But then 65Daigou came to the rescue.

Direct vs Agent

So what you need to know right now is, there are 2 methods of shipping your goods over to Singapore.

1) Via Taobao Direct – you buy and liaise with Chinese (mandarin-only) sellers yourself, make payment on Taobao via Alipay yourself, input China warehouse’s address yourself, then the seller will send the parcel to the warehouse, and the appointed forwarder will consolidate, ship to Singapore, and once arrived, will inform you to arrange delivery to your home.

Pros: No agent fee.

Cons: The part where you have to figure out how to sign up for Taobao account, Alipay account, download Aliwangwang (chinese chat messenger), communicate with sellers, top up credits to Alipay account with AXS machine, input reference number, NO INSPECTION* of goods to see if seller has sent the correct order (will elaborate on this below).

2) Via an Agent – 3rd party forwarders that will help you buy, pay, receive parcel in China warehouse, check and consolidate your purchases, ship them over, and once arrived in Singapore, will inform you to arrange delivery to your home.

Taobao agent 65Daigou shipping cheaper than 4px | Singapore shopping blog

Pros: All you need is a 65Daigou account.

Step 1: Go shopping on!

Step 2: Copy the product URL and input into the EZ-buy bar on

Step3: Check out cart and make payment via preferred method (iBanking/ATM/Credit Card/UnionPay)

Step 4: Submit to ship when all items arrived in China warehouse

(if you need more detailed instructions, go here)

Cons: 4-8% agent fee (for

Why would I fork out the money for agent fee when I can buy myself?

Sure you can do everything by yourself, there are online guides to teach you step-by-step on how to sign up for all the accounts you need and how to make payment and deal with the shipping.


In my opinion, the most important service that you get when using 65Daigou is the inspection of your item when it arrives in their China warehouse, which the appointed Taobao forwarder does not provide. They also CANNOT help you repackage your parcel to reduce weight, space, and lower international shipping costs.

Here’s what it means – if the seller accidentally or intentionally sends the wrong or defective item, you’ll only find out -yep- when the item has reached you in Singapore. By then, if you want to do an exchange, you’ll most likely have to bear the cost of shipping the item back to the seller in China. Either that, or you could escalate the matter to Taobao and ask the seller for the refund, and it’s usually not a full refund. I cannot imagine the hassle of doing that, and the disappointment of waiting 6-10 days to get something that was sent wrongly or defective.


My previous post talks about how 65Daigou helped to liaise with the seller and found out that she actually sent my item to the wrong address! To my surprise, the amount that I spent on the item was credited back to my 65Daigou account and I was able to place another order.

Taobao agent 65Daigou shipping cheaper than 4px | Singapore shopping blog

While still on the topic of agent fee, another good thing about 65Daigou is that they frequently have FREE AGENT FEE days, where whatever purchase you cart out will not be charged agent fee! I love those days, when I will cart out most of my items and only have to pay for item $ + shipping $.

Latest Shipping Rates by 65Daigou

Besides, I can’t wait to share with you guys that Shipping rates by 65Daigou HAS DROPPED since the last time I blogged for them, which means that shopping on Taobao is now more affordable and irresistible!

65Daigou Taobao Latest Shipping Rates

For the first time ever, shipping rates of Taobao Agent 65Daigou is lower than rates of Taobao Direct!!

Here’s a comparison of the revised rates with shipping directly with Taobao.

 Taobao Direct vs agent 65daigou shipping rates

If you’re still not convinced that 65Daigou is the way to go, you will when I mention that there are often shipping discounts, promotions, and giveaway activities, all conducted to help you SAVE SAVE SAVE!

Taobao agent 65Daigou shipping cheaper than 4px | Singapore shopping blog

 Still not sure if you want to shop on

Don’t worry. If you’re still not comfortable with navigating the behemoth chinese website (you know.. I have heard some people say that they get dizzy when staring at too many chinese words), you can still enjoy the low prices by shopping directly on!

Taobao agent 65Daigou shipping cheaper than 4px | Singapore shopping blog

Now once you head over to, scroll down and you’ll see this section “HOT CATEGORY”. This feature enables you to see 65Daigou’s all-time favourite products that are trusted and reliable. It also showcases other people’s latest purchases from Taobao, Amazon, Tmall, Alibaba, and etc.

Taobao agent 65Daigou shipping cheaper than 4px | Singapore shopping blog

The products are categorised properly so you basically can search and shop for products conveniently. Best part? You can just search for the items in English as the listings have all been pre-translated. :)


Featured Collections

There’s also another new section on 65Daigou front page that I came to love, which is the “FEATURED COLLECTIONS”. This is a ‘Pinterest-like’ feature with specially hand-picked products from best-sellers on Taobao. I find this particularly useful when you have a general idea what you’re looking for, but no specific item in mind.

Using Taobao agent 65Daigou LATEST INFORMATION

Using Taobao agent 65Daigou LATEST INFORMATION

When you click into any one of the collections, you’ll find a well-curated list of items!


I simply can’t believe how much 65Daigou has evolved since the last time I blogged for them. They’ve now lowered shipping fees, and added so many new features. I’ve been an ardent supporter ever since using their Buy-for-me service, but what I’m really attracted to, is their quest for continual improvement and strive to bring better benefits to customers. Thumbs up!

While I’m typing this post, I’ve already consolidated my purchases in Shanghai warehouse and the package is already on its way to Singapore via Sea shipment! Should be reaching within the next two weeks. Can’t wait to share my haul post soon! :)

Register for your free account and start shopping now —>

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(This post is brought to you by 65Daigou)


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