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Craft Workshop Review #3: Hard Cover Book Binding with BookBindingWorkshopSG

Book binding workshop Singapore Review | SG Craft Blog

Hiya you all craft lovers out there, I’m back with another craft workshop review! In this post, I explored the mysterious craft of book binding. Have you ever thought how a book is bound – starting from all the separate pieces of paper? I’ve never wondered about the art of book-binding before this, but I’m glad I attended this workshop; because with every new craft learned, I gain new skills and perspectives in life.

Read on to find out where to sign up for this class!

Bookbinding workshop sg

The class session is a small one consisting of 3-4 students. Less number of students mean more teacher guidance!

Book binding workshop Singapore Review | SG Craft Blog

Our trainer, Sheryl, is a designer and is extremely passionate about hand-binding books. Here she shows us her other works which showcases different types of book-binding methods. One thing to note about book binding is that, there are MANY ways to hand-bind books; which is why the art of book binding is ever evolving and an artistic expression of individuals.

In this workshop, Sheryl passes on her knowledge of how to bind a hard cover notebook.

Book binding workshop Singapore Review | SG Craft Blog

 The beauty of a hand bound book is that you can customise the inner pages and outer covering; use any type of plain paper/coloured paper/decorative paper or even fabric! The combination is really up to your own imagination.

For us, we used plain A4 papers and craft papers, folded in half to make an A5 notebook.

Binding the papers together require sewing! In my work, I do a lot of sewing with fabric, but I never thought I would be sewing papers one day! Hehe

Book binding workshop Singapore Review | SG Craft Blog

There are really a lot of steps, and the intricacies of binding a book makes the end product ever so precious! Before attending the workshop, I never would have known that binding a book takes so much effort and handiwork.┬áThe steps are not difficult to do, but requires patience (as with most crafts). In fact, the workshop lasted 7 hours in total, from 10am – 5pm.

Book binding workshop Singapore Review | SG Craft Blog

A messy table is inevitable, due to the number of tools and materials needed in book binding.

Book binding workshop Singapore Review | SG Craft Blog

My favourite parts are sewing the spine and making the hard cover!! This was not just any other book binding course where they just teach you how to bind papers, but they’ll go the extra mile to teach you how to make the hard cover, making your notebook look extra posh and professional. :)

Book binding workshop Singapore Review | SG Craft Blog

Tadah! My finished hard cover A5 notebook!

I was super excited to see and hold it in my hands. Because we took about 7 hours to create the notebook from nothing, and had to complete so many tricky maneuvers, it was immensely satisfying when it was done!

I’m not sure if any one of you has experienced this before, but something made by hand and craft skills holds much more value and meaning than something that is mass produced. When I held my notebook in my hands, I felt that it was the most perfect notebook in the world. Haha

Book binding workshop Singapore Review | SG Craft Blog

With Tracy, Rachel and Sheryl.

This has got to be the most challenging workshop that I attended thus far, with real skills to be learned and gained. I am utterly grateful to have been invited to the workshop, thank you BookbindingworkshopSG for having me!

If you want to learn how to make your own hard cover notebook, do look out for their next class, which is tentatively in September! If you’re unsure, why not sign up for their FREE online bookbinding course first?

Click here to find out more and sign up for the next book binding workshop! :)

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