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Sponsored video: IKEA’s Recipes for Delicious Kitchens

Hey people! Those who are buying new homes or renovating your homes – you gotta look here!

If you’ve ever been to IKEA (which most likely you have because IKEA is the best megamall to shop for anything in your home), you would have seen their beautiful kitchens. Honestly, the kitchens section is our favourite because you know, Hammy and I spend a lot of time bonding cooking in the kitchen. When we get our first home, the kitchen HAS TO BE perfect because we foresee frequent baking/roasting/frying/steaming/grilling/stewing, hosting parties, inviting friends over for dinners etc. ;)

Imagine having total control over how your kitchen looks – not just copy + paste a whole IKEA set into your home?

You can do it now with IKEA’s new METOD kitchens.

Watch the video, it is super cute!

Freedom to create your dream kitchen

IKEA Singapore Customisable METOD Kitchens : Watch Video

Whether you’re going for the contemporary look or country style, the new METOD kitchen range grants you full authority over shelves, cabinets, doors, hinges, knobs, colour schemes, and most importantly, placement, so you can utilise every single centimetre of kitchen space.

IKEA Singapore Customisable METOD Kitchens : Watch Video

Limited space? No worries, maximise your storage space by extending shelves to the ceiling. The flexibility of choosing to install only what you need, will go easier on the wallet as you leave out what’s unnecessary. There are over a thousand combinations to fit every budget.

IKEA Singapore Customisable METOD Kitchens : Watch Video

Ah.. what a spacious kitchen! My favourite of the lot here because it features an island, which is something we will have in our future kitchen. :)

IKEA Singapore Customisable METOD Kitchens : Watch Video

Looks very different, right? It’s still a METOD kitchen. A simple change of shelf doors and knobs can alter the entire look. Colour plays a very important part as well. All different ingredients to your dream kitchen can be found inside the 2016 IKEA Catalogue, so remember to grab a copy!

The icing on the cake?

Like all IKEA kitchen ranges, the METOD comes with 25-year guarantee.

Customisable, affordable, beautiful, fully functional, comes with a guarantee… What is there not to love? Sign me up!

For more information: Visit IKEA’s pages below

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(This post is brought to you by IKEA.)


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