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Zoe’s Wedding Talk: Bridal Makeup and Hair, Invitations & Cakes.

Hi ladies!

It’s back to Zoe’s wedding talk, where I gingerly explore the topic of marriage and weddings. Funny how it’s one of the most important events in our lives and yet, we have no clue where to start. I think most couples will turn to friends and family, or scour wedding forums for the slightest advice on which vendors to pick or to stay clear of.

And I was thinking, lucky there are online vendor catalogues, where you can find almost everything you need for your big day. is one such online wedding vendor catalogue; and previously I was using it to browse Bridal Studios and Photography Studios – the two most important vendors to ensure the perfect wedding!!

This time, I am going to shortlist a few Bridal Makeup and Hair Artists, Invitation cards, and Cakes (!!) vendors that caught my eye. There were just too many to look into their portfolios, but lucky the “Save Vendor” function allowed me to do this over a few days.

Bridal Makeup and Hair


[Picture Credit: Cynderella Makeup & Hair Services | Bridestory]

To be honest, I’m very afraid of heavy makeup. I even thought of doing my own wedding makeup because I am super scared of being ‘all drawn up’ and looking like someone I am not. But doing my own makeup could mean that I may end up looking very plain and everyday – heck, I don’t even know how to apply false lashes!

Hairstyle is even worse, haha, I can’t even tie a proper french braid.

So, I think it’s better to entrust my face and hair to a professional makeup and hair artist. In order to do that, it is important to see their past works and also communicate with the MUA to see if he/she is able to understand what I want.

Bridestory Singapore Wedding Catalogue | Singapore Blog

 There’s this side bar on every vendor’s profile page for me to send a private message for questions and to discuss my concerns, which is very useful because I find it less intimidating and less hassle. And I really received replies! So many times I have sent out an email, only to wait to no avail, which can be devastating.

Bridestory Singapore Wedding Catalogue | Singapore Blog

[Picture Credit: Xara Lee Makeup & Hair Services | Bridestory]

My preferred makeup look is one that is sweet, radiant, and youthful. I don’t think I can pull off smokey eyes nor sexy cat eyes very well. So when I am browsing the MUA’s portfolios, I will look out to see if they can create these looks.

For hair, I also prefer it braided and wavy rather than bunned up. Ideally I will also have a floral crown or accessory :)

Bridestory Singapore Wedding Catalogue | Singapore Blog

[Picture Credit: Cleo Chang Makeup. Hair. | Bridestory]

Bridestory Singapore Wedding Catalogue | Singapore Blog

[Picture Credit: Belle Neige Make Up | Bridestory]

Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are usually the first view that friends and family get of your anticipated wedding. Nowadays couples don’t really do those super traditional red cards anymore (or at least the ones that I’ve received aren’t, haha), so why not opt for something that’s not run of the mill? :)

Bridestory Singapore Wedding Catalogue | Singapore Blog

[Picture Credit: Nineteen Design Studio | Bridestory]

Bridestory Singapore Wedding Catalogue | Singapore Blog

[Picture Credit: Pearlyn and Paper | Bridestory]

I adore both themes that I’ve chosen to highlight here! Chinoiserie chic is elegant and exquisite, however the forest theme might be something unforgettable for receivers; and I’ve always found woodland animals delightful.

Wedding Cakes

I’ve seen many weddings with plastic tiers of cakes on stage, where they simply do a customary cutting of one slice of cake to symbolise the continuity of their relationship. I really hope that I will have a real cake (because I want to eat it after the ceremony u know?), so I was pleased to find that there are even Cake vendors on Bridestory to browse.

Bridestory Singapore Wedding Catalogue | Singapore Blog

[Picture Credit: Cupplets | Bridestory]

Bridestory Singapore Wedding Catalogue | Singapore Blog

[Picture Credit: Winifred Kriste Cakes | Bridestory]

Bridestory Singapore Wedding Catalogue | Singapore Blog

[Picture Credit: Hipster Bakes | Bridestory]

My favourite of the lot is this fresh, homey, not-hidden-by-layers-of-fondant wedding cake! Combine this with the rustic wedding setup I mentioned in my previous post, I think my day will definitely be p.e.r.f.e.c.t.

So what about you? Have you found your dream wedding vendors yet? :)

(This post is brought to you by Bridestory)


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