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I think you’re gross if you do all these in the toilet.

Kleenex bathroom wet wipes review

 Hey everyone,

Today we are going to talk about something disgusting. Hahaha. There’s no clean way to talk about this, but yes, we are going to talk about toilet hygiene habits! I’ve got some shocking (actually not that surprising) news to share with you. And here’s a little survey that Kleenex did which you can ponder about.

1) Do you wipe your a** after pooping?

Can’t imagine not wiping after a bowel movement? Well, 5% of people in SIngapore DO NOT wipe at all. (and 3/4 of non-wipers are males, I’m not kidding!) Similarly, 1 in 4 people do not wash their hands with soap or any other disinfectant after using the bathroom.

Survey results also found that 1/4 of people wipe more than once with the same sheet of toilet paper.

Luckily, 8/10 people claim to wipe themselves clean. But out of those, 52% do not use a ‘dry and wet’ method of using both dry toilet tissues with moist toilet tissues or water to rinse themselves off.

1/3 of people surveyed stated that they wiped ‘back-to-front’ instead of the more appropriate ‘front-to-back’ direction.

2) What about handphones in toilet?

I am sure you use your gadgets while doing your businesses. In fact, 3 out of 4 smartphone users use their mobile phones whilst having a bowel movement. While this is not surprising, only 2% of these people sanitise their phones after use in the toilet, even though mobile phones are prime breeding grounds and carriers for germs and bacteria both in and out of the toilet.

Studies show that 1 in 6 phones have faecal matter on them. (okay is this getting too much for you yet?)


Clean phones regularly with the mini alcohol wipes easily obtainable from Watson’s, Guardian Pharmacy.

3) Toilet seat cover, up or down while flushing?

How many of you flush with your toilet seat covers up? Hands up all of you, confirm a lot of you do it. That’s my #1 bathroom pet peeve, seriously I will feel that the whole toilet is super dirty (even the air) if someone did not flush with the toilet bowl covered.

Much to my horror, 70% of those polled chose to leave their toilet lids up when flushing, which causes numerous bacteria-filled water droplets to contaminate the environment.

To make things worse, more than half of these people store their toothbrushes and make-up brushes within 2 metres from the toilet bowl (congratulations), causing a higher likelihood of these items getting covered with aerosolised faecal matter and other bacterial agents as a result of open-lid flushing. (So you’re effectively placing poop in your mouth) Yes it’s super disgusting to hear, but I’m sorry it’s the truth.


Make it a habit to close the toilet lid before flushing. If you need motivation, just remember flying sh*t in the air.

4) Squatting or sitting position while pooping?

If you find that you’re straining to poop, all you need to do might just be to change your posture!

93% of people in Singapore adopt the wrong posture while defecating. If you’re seated on a toilet bowl, the rectum is more restricted to allow waste to leave the body. Whereas if you’re squatting, the muscles around the colon relaxes, allowing waste to leave the body quickly and completely.

What this means is, squatting requires less effort to complete the bowel movement and reduces the like hood of developing haemorrhoids.


I know this one is a bit hard to change because we are all so used to toilet bowls – we practically grew up with them! But what can be done is to (while sitting on the toilet bowl), prop your legs up with a stool and lean the body slightly  forward to mimic the squatting posture.

Kleenex toilet roll

Why Good toilet habits matter

“Any form of poor hygiene in the perianal area can affect the skin around the anus. The area, marked by find folds and hair follicles, is a difficult anatomical area to clean, which means that improper cleansing habits may cause faecal matter to remain. This increases the risk of perianal skin irritation, redness, inflammation, unpleasant odours and in more serious cases, infections such as abscesses,”

“The risk of contracting these infections could be reduced significantly by practising good personal hygiene such as wiping in the right direction, the use of a moist toilet tissue, or rinsing with water after a bowl movement. Many don’t realise how a tiny lifestyle change can make a huge difference.”

– Dr. Kevin Sng, Colorectal and General Surgery, Gleneagles Medical Centre (Singapore)

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The Kleenex Clean Routine

Introducing Kimberly-Clark’s Kleenex Ultra Soft Moist Toilet Tissues! Combining a ‘Dry + Wet’ approach, Kleenex is inviting you to incorporate moist toilet tissues to your usual dry wiping routine!

Safe to flush and hypoallergenic, the Kleenex Ultra Soft Moist Toilet Tissue is gentle and delicate on the skin and cleans 2x better than just using dry toilet tissues alone.

Available in two sizes – a pack of personal-pack 10 sheets (RRP $1.25), or family-pack 40 sheets (RRP $3.80) – at leading supermarkets island-wide.

Visit Kleenex’s website for more information.

I already have the small pack in my bag. Stay safe and clean guys! Haha


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