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Fashion Haul + How to Shop Taobao 11.11 with 65Daigou!

Taobao Fashion Shopping | Singapore Shopping Blog

Hola ladies!

I’m back to share my fashion loots from (淘宝网)! If you do not know already, Taobao is the hottest shopping mall among Singaporeans right now – a mega mall that has everything that you might ever need.

If you had clicked on the link above and arrived at a Chinese website full of chinese characters swimming around on the screen, don’t be afraid. I know how you feel, because I felt the same when I first saw the page. Haha. Google Translate, Copy + Paste were my favourite pals. Not forgetting (most impt!!) – the Taobao Agent that I use to help me shop from Taobao.

You’ll find out in this post why, out of so many Taobao agents there are in Singapore currently, my no.1 choice is still 65Daigou. For now, let’s check out my haul!

Taobao Fashion Shopping | Singapore Shopping Blog

I always have a certain look in mind that I want to go for when shopping on Taobao. It keeps me sane and collected when browsing (because there are just TOO MANY THINGS to see!), and I will usually buy pieces that can be easily matched with each other.

65Daigou Taobao Agent cheap shipping | Singapore Review| Black Tee $4.43 | Floral Skirt with Belt $4.47 | Weaved Sandals $22.04 |

Black Tee: Figured that I needed some staple plain tees. Where can you still get $5 tees in Sg anyway?

Floral Skirt with Belt: Honestly, I got this cuz it comes with a free belt!! And also an inner layer of safety shorts just in case. Good deal :)

Weaved Sandals: My most expensive buy from this batch. But the quality is unquestionable. Really sturdy, comfortable and pretty! Glad I bought this, a pair like this might cost about $50+ in Sg?

65Daigou Taobao Agent cheap shipping | Singapore Review| White Tee $4.43 | Black Neoprene Skirt $6.47 | Galaxy Slip-ons $9.51 |

White Tee: Got from the same shop as the black tee. Easy to match with my other clothes :)

Black Neoprene Skirt: Very pretty and of good quality, but a little too short and flares too much for my liking. I’m more conservative now that I’m not a xmm anymore (lol), so I don’t think I will wear this out. Other than that, it’s a quality piece and a good buy.

Galaxy Slip-ons: Needed a pair of slip-ons that are not too casual and not to overboard, and these fit the bill. Looks amazing irl, but needs a while to break into. My feet suffered a little from wearing for a whole day.

65Daigou Taobao Agent cheap shipping | Singapore Review| Red Fit-and-Flare Mini Dress $7.39 |

Red Fit-and-Flare Dress: Impulse buy this one was. Haha It looked really pretty in the pictures (and I’m sure it looks pretty in my picture above too, haha), but I forgot that I probably will look like an ang-bao in a COMPLETELY RED dress. Heehee. Otherwise, quality was good; maybe can keep for CNY or National Day? :)

65Daigou Taobao Agent cheap shipping | Singapore Review| Printed Bikini $15.28 |

Printed Bikini: Yippie I’m so in love with this piece. I was looking for a twist on the usual bikinis and found this with little gathers on top and a skirt for the bottom in a pretty floral print. The price is probably half those that I can get locally.

65Daigou Taobao Agent cheap shipping | Singapore Review

So I shipped all 8 items via sea shipment using 65Daigou’s EZ-Buy function and this is how much my parcel cost.

Total Goods Price: $75.37

Sea Shipment Rates: $9.00 <– Extremely low rates $1.50/500g

Agent Fee: $7.55

Total: $91.92

I was supposed to pay $91.92, but I offset the Agent fee using my points – which means don’t need to pay Agent fee! – and the final amount was reduced to $84.37 for 8 items! More about 65Daigou’s points system here. I also fell more in love when 65Daigou lowered their shipping rates. TOO CRAZY. Click for shipping rates.

No more hassle of paying twice when shopping on Taobao!

 65Daigou Taobao Agent cheap shipping | Singapore Review

So about this EZBuy – remember how every time we buy using an agent, there are two payments we have to make? Pay once for items, and then pay a second time for shipping and agent fee?

Now with 65Daigou’s new EZBuy function, you only need to pay ONCE when you shop from 65Daigou’s Trending, Category and Cash Rebates sections.

Taobao agent 65Daigou shipping cheaper than 4px | Singapore shopping blog

65Daigou Taobao Agent cheap shipping | Singapore Review 65Daigou Taobao Agent cheap shipping | Singapore Review

The EZBuy button is activated when you choose an item from 65Daigou’s TrendingCategory and Cash Rebates sections. And what is does, is to include the cost of shipping and agent fee to the first payment, which means that after paying once, all you have to do is to wait for your items to arrive in Singapore! You can even select your place for parcel collection at the same time, reducing the time you need to settle such issues.

 With the EZBuy function, you can shop worry-free knowing how much your shipping exactly costs; otherwise when it comes to shipping fee, my guess is as good as yours.

Another big announcement:

Taobao 11.11 Global Shopping Festival is coming!!

Taobao 11.11 2015

Step aside GSS!

Also known as Singles Day in Chinese folklore, come 11.11.2015, Taobao will unleash its 24-hour SALES fury onto ecstatic shoppers, when sellers offer up to 90% discounts and even the most modest ones will offer 50% discounts!!

I will definitely NOT be missing this global shopping frenzy where prices hit rock bottom. Thankfully I have 65Daigou ;) In 2014, they even offered free shipping for 11.11 purchases. >.<

5 tips for shopping 11.11 with 65Daigou

 1. Start filling up your 65Daigou cart now to check out immediately on 11.11 before all the good stuff runs out.

2. Make sure the size, colour and shipment options are chosen correctly when you add to cart.

3. ***Here’s a pro-tip: State “1111 Sales” in your order remark so 65Daigou’s purchasers will prioritise your orders!***

4. You can also state an alternative colour/design, or alternative item to go for if the first choice has gone out of stock. Yes, things go that fast!

5. Download 65Daigou’s app on Android/ iPhone to receive updates and reply them instantly on mobile so that decisions can be made quickly.


Are you excited yet? For more information, the links below will help. :)

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  • seoulfanatic

    Hi Zoe,

    Thanks for the information! May I know for the 11.11 promotion, would you recommend saving items in prime cart or ezbuy cart?(: I am thinking of buying the prime membership but have yet to get it. So what would you recommend?(:

    • Zoe

      Hi Wynne,
      I tried PRIME once and loved it. Just $2.99 delivery charge for everything I got! But it was a first free trial so I didn’t have to pay the subscription fee. My advice is, if you are getting bulky items like furniture/luggages/giant soft toys, anything large or heavy, go for PRIME. If you’re just getting a couple of clothings and accessories, ezbuy cart is great! Hope this helps :)

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