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Blog Giveaway: Win a FULL Allure Beauty’s Signature Eyebrow Embroidery!

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Christmas is one month early on!! I’m super excited about this giveaway. Okay, let me calm down and make sure I don’t miss out any details! :P

Right, here goes:

In partnership with Allure Beauty, I am hosting a giveaway for their Signature Eyebrow Embroidery for ONE lucky reader!

I did my eyebrow embroidery with Allure Beauty last year and I loved it so much. It gave me so much convenience and confidence in drawing and maintaining the shape on my own. The Golden-Ratio that Allure therapists use to customise my brows made my face look sharper and more proportionate. This is a procedure that I would recommend to anyone who has problems with drawing their eyebrows every single day, because eyebrow embroidery usually lasts for up to 2 years. It is not life-long either, so don’t worry about being stuck with thick reddish brows for life.

Eyebrow Embroidery review at Allure Beauty Singapore

See how natural it is?

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This month, Allure Beauty has so kindly invited me back for another session to spruce up my brows, and ONE lucky reader will get to experience the same procedure that I will be getting.

The Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery

Worth $1380 and above, the Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery combines artistic skilful techniques and years of professional training to create perfectly arched brows according to your face’s Golden Ratio, resulting in natural-looking strokes that instantly enhances your look.


Win: 1 x Allure Signature Eyebrow Embroidery + touch up session

Dates: Saturday 14th / Sunday 15th November

Times: 11am / 1pm / 3pm / 5pm

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  • With reference to my previous blog post, leave a comment below on “WHY DO YOU WANT TO WIN AN EYEBROW EMBROIDERY FROM ALLURE BEAUTY?”
  • Include the following important details: Facebook account name, Instagram username, and Email address.

And if you win, you agree to:

  • Be a featured guest on my blog sharing your experience at Allure Beauty; and of course we all love ‘Before and After’ photos!

How’s that? Easy enough? Do take action now because you can’t afford to miss this.

Closing date for entry: 13th November Friday 12 noon

Winner will be announced and contacted by 13th November Friday, 12midnight.

Good luck ladies!



  • Ashlyn

    I wanna win the eyebrow embroidery because that means nice full brows for me throughout the next 2 years! Brows are the one thing I can’t leave my house without. It’s such a hassle to draw them every single morning, and I can’t even start to count how many eyebrow pencils I have went through.
    &jelly of your brows HAHA

    Facebook account name: Ashlyn Tan
    Instagram username: @ashlyn
    Email address:

  • Janette Tan

    Hey! thank you so much for the giveaway!

    It is so ironical how I had embraced the idea of ageing naturally and even find the idea of having a head of silver hair alluring in my younger days but the cruel fact is that ageing is never graceful. First all, I do not have beautiful facial features to begin with and my already sparse eye brows simply grew thinner as I age and I just hate how they tiredly hang above my eyes making me look haggard, sad and terribly jaded. And to be honest, I have them embroidered two years ago and I must say the result was amazing! I love how the tailored brows framed and took off a few years off my wrinkly face but the happiness was short-lived as the effect faded off too soon and the touched up offered by another therapist was a disaster.

    Anyway, Christmas is coming and I am hoping to have a second time lucky on eyebrow embroidery to celebrate the festive prettily and walk over 2016 with a fresher face.

    Merry Christmas in advance :)


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