1. Ashlyn

    I wanna win the eyebrow embroidery because that means nice full brows for me throughout the next 2 years! Brows are the one thing I can’t leave my house without. It’s such a hassle to draw them every single morning, and I can’t even start to count how many eyebrow pencils I have went through.
    &jelly of your brows HAHA

    Facebook account name: Ashlyn Tan
    Instagram username: @ashlyn
    Email address: ashlyntpq@gmail.com

  2. Hey! thank you so much for the giveaway!

    It is so ironical how I had embraced the idea of ageing naturally and even find the idea of having a head of silver hair alluring in my younger days but the cruel fact is that ageing is never graceful. First all, I do not have beautiful facial features to begin with and my already sparse eye brows simply grew thinner as I age and I just hate how they tiredly hang above my eyes making me look haggard, sad and terribly jaded. And to be honest, I have them embroidered two years ago and I must say the result was amazing! I love how the tailored brows framed and took off a few years off my wrinkly face but the happiness was short-lived as the effect faded off too soon and the touched up offered by another therapist was a disaster.

    Anyway, Christmas is coming and I am hoping to have a second time lucky on eyebrow embroidery to celebrate the festive prettily and walk over 2016 with a fresher face.

    Merry Christmas in advance :)


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