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What happened to my eyebrow embroidery after 2 years?

It’s been a good 2 years since I had eyebrow embroidery done at the Allure Beauty Salon City Square outlet, and I would say that I had not regretted that decision to give it a try. I had readers writing in with questions about the current state of my brows now that 2 years have passed – thank you for following my journey! – because you know, I had written in my previous posts that they do not last forever.

Eyebrow Embroidery After 2 years…

Well true enough, the embroidery has largely faded away and I do have to use brow powder to fill in the empty spaces. The shape had reverted to my natural brow shape, which is thinner and slightly curved.

Allure Beauty Singapore Eyebrow Embroidery Review |

If you find that you are facing these issues once again, it’s time to book an appointment for a touch-up session!

Doing it again

I was invited back to Allure Beauty (this time to their new outlet at Tampines 1) to touch up my faded eyebrow embroidery. My eyebrow therapist was very experienced and immediately put me at ease with her smiles and friendly demeanour.

This was my 3rd time going through the eyebrow embroidery procedure so I was prepared, and not really worried about anything. As usual, Allure Beauty’s PR Mistical was very lovely and the session was more like a meetup with a friend! :)

Allure Beauty Singapore Eyebrow Embroidery Review |

Applying numbing cream on the brows for 30 mins marks the start of the procedure.

Allure Beauty Singapore Eyebrow Embroidery Review |

The brow therapist then proceeds to draw the desired shape of your brows with steady strokes.


You have to be absolutely comfortable with the drawn shape because the therapist will embroider according to the drawn shape. If you are not satisfied even the slightest bit, do voice out and the therapist will alter to suit your preferences. Don’t worry if you do not know what shape suits you, because the expertise of Allure Beauty’s brow therapists will help you achieve the Golden Ratio brows that perfectly frame your face.

Allure Beauty Singapore Eyebrow Embroidery Review |

All drawn and ready to start!

Allure Beauty Singapore Eyebrow Embroidery Review |

Allure Beauty salon uses a new blade for each customer and the colour of the dye can be specially blended to suit your hair colour as well. The combination of individual strokes beautifully delivered and matching dye colour results in super natural-looking brows! That’s the promise of Allure Beauty’s Signature Eyebrow Embroidery.

Allure Beauty Singapore Eyebrow Embroidery Review |

When it’s almost done, the therapist will require you to sit up straight for her to complete her work. This allows her to make sure that your brows are balanced.

Allure Beauty Singapore Eyebrow Embroidery Review |

Right after the session the brows will appear darker and thicker, but that’s perfectly alright as your skin will heal and the scabs will peel off in about a week. ^^ Do check out my previous posts if you are seriously considering to go for it!

Allure Beauty

Tampines One #04-34
+65 6481 3608

City Square Mall #03-29/30
+65 6509 8859 / +65 6270 8845

#04-10/11, Bukit Batok West Mall
+65 6898 2242

11A Boon Tiong Road, #01-13.
(Beside Tiong Bahru MRT Station)
+65 6270 8845



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