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blindfold test

Why are we more attracted to some people than others? Did you know, that studies have suggested that humans are able to smell genetic differences, and the more different a person’s genetic makeup is from yours, the more likely you will find that person attractive?

Smells also leave a lasting impression and are often very effective in triggering emotions and memories, even after many years. Known as the ‘Proust Phenomenon’, it is observed that certain scents are able to transport you back in time to access a deep-seated memory (which may often catch you by surprise).

Different scents can evoke different thoughts and feelings; hence the use of aromatherapy and perfumes to help a person relax, or feel sexy ;)

To investigate the connection between fragrances and love, DIVA Channel and Glam Asia have teamed up to conduct a rather unusual social experiment.

Can they tell one another by smell alone?

Two sets of couples undergo the blindfold smell test to see if they can identify their partner just by their fragrance alone! Featuring fragrances from Gucci, Hugo Boss and Dolce & Gabbana, watch to find out whether they managed to pass the test!

 Girlfriend gets blindfolded.

Boyfriend gets blindfolded.

What an interesting experiment… makes me wonder if I will be able to identify Hammy just by smell alone. He’s one head taller than me, which means my face is around his arm’s height. Whenever he’s near, I like to annoy him by pressing my nose into his deltoids (upper side of the arm) to take a quick whiff. Hahah! Omg it sounds super embarrassing now that I said it out, but I really enjoy it! Please don’t judge! But yes, smell is important between couples okay? Haha..

(This post is brought to you by Gucci and Hugo Boss)


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