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My facelift trial felt like a hot stone massage.

This was a truly remarkable experience and I just had to share it on the blog.

So, on a nice evening last month, I attended an exclusive Gorgeous From Every Angle event by Venus Concept. I was pretty caught up with work and thought it would be nice to have a little break. Annd..! I invited Ashlyn to come with me for a girls’ night out. It’s been awhile since I took time out to attend events but I’m glad I did for this one. The intimate event was held at Republic Plaza’s Tower Club where we were greeted with a luxurious setting of marble floors and chandeliers. Not only that, the night view of Singapore’s financial district from the 62th level was breathtaking.

VenusViva facelift machine painless treatment

Venus Concept?

I had thought that Venus Concept was a beauty/aesthetics clinic before attending the event, but nope! Venus Concept is a company that comes up with the amazing machines that aesthetic clinics use – which means… yes you’re right, customers of Venus Concept are mostly doctors who own their own clinics. Patients usually won’t come into contact with the names of the machines that doctors use on them, so many of us might be unfamiliar with it. But you will want to take note after reading this!

All 6 aesthetic machines under the Venus brand are said to provide innovative, non-invasive, safe and painless treatments for different concerns. They are Venus Swan, Venus Freeze, Venus Legacy, Venus Viva, Venus Versa, and Venus Skin. The one I tried that day – Venus Viva – is touted as the New Gold Standard in Medical Aesthetic Experience.

VenusViva facelift machine painless treatment

Venus Viva

This is how the machine looks like. There were 2 machines present that day – we could choose between trying the Venus Legacy for body conturing, or Venus Viva for skin firming – and I decided to see if Venus Viva can do something about my resting bitch face. Haha you heard right, my RBF! Well, I have a problem: if I do not make a conscious effort to hold a ‘mini smile’, the corners of my mouth literally point downwards and that makes me look angry or unhappy (which I’m not). Haha

The Venus Viva is responsible for the FirmFX experience, which is an amalgam of various results such as:

  • Decreased visible pores for even skin texxture
  • Reduced signs of wrinkles
  • Evening out of texture irregularities
  • Reduced acne scars
  • Diminished deep lines and folds for younger looking skin
  • Corrected necklines to lessen signs of ageing
  • Tightened skin laxity for a more firm décolleté

Sounds pretty exciting.

VenusViva facelift machine painless treatment

I had the treatment done to my cheeks, chin and corners of my mouth. The therapist continuously moves the applicator in a circular motion on my skin for 15 minutes on the targeted area. I have a very low tolerance for pain and the first question I ask is always, “Does it hurt?”. Thankfully no! It feels just like a comfortable facial massage with hot stones.

VenusViva facelift machine painless treatment

I wouldn’t have believed the results if I hadn’t seen it for myself. This is why the lovely people at the event insisted taking before and after photos, because seeing is believing! I stayed extremely expressionless for the photo-taking as I didn’t want to affect the true results, and I was awed by how I looked when I had half of the face done. My face was. literally. lopsided. It was almost like photoshop was used to lift the right side of my face, but only of course this was real. Thankfully the therapist did both sides for me so I didn’t have to leave the event looking weird. Haha. Well, what do you think?

Perks of Venus Viva

Painless, safe for all skin types and minimal downtime. And you get to feel more youthful with tighter, firmer and smoother skin. For me, the results were real and I had a facelift procedure with no needles and pain involved. Perfect. =) Now I know exactly why our local celebrities love this too (shhh…).

Thank you Venus Concept for having me!Untitled-1

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