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Skincare Review: SOS-Skin Acne+ and Multivitamins+

Oh gosh, I miss beauty blogging so much.

I’m so tied with Beary Naise on one hand, and family on the other that blogging took a back seat for the past few months. My dad was hospitalised for awhile due to a mysterious giddiness that doctors couldn’t find a cause for. That put a lot of strain on my family as it was the first time that a hospitalisation occurred. Doctors did a series of blood tests, ECG, MRI, and still could not attribute a reason to the giddiness, but instead, they found that his heart was getting weak so he has to take Warfarin (a blood-thinning agent so the heart does not have to work too hard) from now on.. In a way, it was a blessing in disguise because if his heart condition had not been detected in time, he could have suffered a stroke any time. Now with the Warfarin thinning his blood, a good thing is that his risk of stroke is lessen. But Warfarin being a drug that is sensitive to all sorts of food rich in Vitamin K, he had to keep going back for blood tests to maintain his blood thinness at a strict specific level. The pharmacist handed him a list of food that he’s supposed to not indulge in. So far he’s done well with changing his eating habits and his blood thinness is within the desired range, and I’m thankful for that.

That was seriously a rather stressful period. In between accompanying my dad to his doctor visits, I also had to go for meetings and prepare for Beary Naise’s launch at a physical store in Marina Square, Excluniqueeee #02-339. And getting my Etsy store ( and online webstore ( up and running – taking and editing photos, listing descriptions etc. My beauty regime was non-existent; as I got so tired that I resorted to only a cleanser and that’s it. I stopped dressing up. My confidence level dropped to a new low cuz my skin was so dry and oily. My nose peeled, my chin peeled, I had clogged pores on my T-zone; so makeup only made it worse..

SOS Skin to the rescue

I was open to trying any skincare product that would help with my skin’s imbalance and there was no better timing that SOS – Science On Skin came to the rescue. SOS’ two products, Acne+ and MultiVitamins+, sounded like just what I needed! With a much higher concentration of active ingredients to treat, rejuvenate and protect the skin from free radicals, SOS products boasts an effective 3-step skincare regime that one will ever need. Didn’t get to try Cleanse+, so I will share about Acne+ and Multivitamins+!



First thing I noticed about the bottles is that both came in a dual-chamber pump dispenser, which is pretty cool because that effectively takes away 2 extra steps in the regime and yet delivers more in a single product. Acne+ has a pore-clearing gel in one chamber, and a sebum control gel in another. Both gels get dispensed in one pump and act together to calm, improve, and brighten the skin.

Skin-loving ingredients:

Zinc PCA – controls excess oil while moisturising skin

Iris Extract – strong anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties

Licorice – further calms and prevents redness, evens out skin tone

Vitamin B3, Vitamin C & Provitamin B5 – anti-oxidant trio prevents moisture loss and maintain skin’s natural balance

I have combination skin, so I applied Acne+ to my T-zone only, where I’m having trouble with comedones. This is a method that I picked up along my beauty blogging journey, which makes sense because then the skincare regime is targeted instead of just simply applying to the whole face regardless of whether there is a need to or not. Texture of the Acne+ gels is a little soapy and sticky when applied onto the face. I thought I had applied a cleansing foam onto my face as bubbles started to appear! But upon further massaging, the gels got absorbed into the skin and didn’t feel so sticky after that. In fact, my face was more matte than usual even after several hours and I was pleased with that. Unfortunately, maybe due to my high level of stress, I did not see a huge improvement in preventing zits or clogged pores.

Acne+’s rating: 3/5



This anti-ageing product in the SOS range packs so many good ingredients that I already lost count. With a high concentration of Vitamins A, C and E, and a proprietary blend of stem cells, botanical extract, collagen and potent peptides, Multivitamins+ helps to transform a clear complexion to a firm, luminous and glowing one. It is recommended to use this in the evening to replenish the skin’s natural lipids and restore the barrier function and improve moisture retention.

Skin-loving ingredients:

Vitamin A – reduces wrinkles and increases blood flow to the surface of the skin

Vitamins C and E – antioxidants that neutralise free radicals

Stem Cells – dramatically improve elasticity and firmness for a younger appearance

Arbutin – inhibits the formation of melanin and improves skin patches

Sodium hyaluronate and Provitamin B5 – hydrate and retain moisture of skin

Collagen, Peptides, Botanical extracts – delivers a bundle of benefits including brightening of complexion and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

Being an anti-ageing product, I applied Multivitamins+ only on the drier parts of my face, like the cheeks, temples, sides of the mouth, and neck. The texture of the gels is more watery than the Acne+, and easier to apply. I think this product really takes the centre stage of the SOS range. I like it so much because it made my skin softer and bouncier almost immediately after application, and results can be felt even on the next day. Definitely a good switch up from dry and sallow skin from lack of proper moisture. Thumbs up!

Multivitamins+’s rating: 4/5

About Science on Skin (SOS)

Established in April 2016, SCIENCE ON SKIN (SOS) is a brand new treatment skincare brand that intelligently marries the innovative science of skin care with the delicate art of beauty into a streamlined range of treatment products for the best skin one will ever have.

For more information and to purchase, do visit :)

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