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Review: Popular Korean Natural Eyelash Regrowth Treatment in Singapore + Readers’ Discount – Part 1

Hi ladies, how are you doing? Today I would like to share about this pretty cool beauty treatment for our eyelashes! I admit that I am rather blessed in this department – I have quite visible lashes with mascara – but I also understand the helplessness that some girls face when it comes to short lashes. It just seem like there’s nothing you can do to lengthen your natural lashes, which is why there are options like eyelash extensions and false eyelashes. But what if there IS a treatment that you could do to lengthen and grow your lashes naturally and permanently? This treatment is very popular in Korea for celebrities to maintain long and alluring eyelashes, but is still quite new and unheard of in Singapore. Does it work? This is what I am going to investigate with Lash Regrowth Singapore‘s help.

eyelash regrowth treatment singapore | Singapore Beauty Blog

Lash woes

If you landed onto my blog while searching for eyelash growth solutions, I would say that having a set of beautiful lashes matters to you, right? Long and dense eyelashes opens up and brightens the eyes, and there’s just this magical twinkle. If your natural lashes are short, stick-straight, and sparse, you must have tried some of the below solutions already:

  1. Curl + Mascara
  2. False lashes + glue
  3. Eyelash extensions by beauty salons
  4. Eyelash growth serums available in the market

My basic makeup routine for lashes are curling + mascara. I have also tried eyelash extensions and eyelash growth serums before, but these are mostly temporary. Mascara and False lashes – once removed it’s gone. Eyelash extensions – lasts about 1 month at max. Eyelash growth serums – effect stops once you stop applying. Furthermore, after years of using false lashes or extensions, many women experience more lash fall, thinning lashes, or even worse, bald patches where no lashes can grow at all. Reasons could be due to the glue clogging hair follicles, or overzealous and rough removal of falsies.

So in Chinese there’s this saying that goes “治标不治本”, which means treating only the symptoms but not the root of the problem, which then adds on to the severity of the original problem or simply not solving anything at all.

eyelash regrowth treatment singapore | Singapore Beauty Blog

Why not go to the root of the problem?

Which is exactly what the treatment at Eyelash Regrowth aims to do! Nestled in Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, founder Jas Tan, has brought in the Made-in-Germany technology and products in a bid to save disappearing lashes, and to make women’s lashes fuller, longer, and denser. Best of all, the results are permanent with the use of home-care lash serum.

eyelash regrowth treatment singapore | Singapore Beauty Blog eyelash regrowth treatment singapore | Singapore Beauty Blog

The procedure uses an electronic micro-needle machine to stimulate lash hair follicles while the stimulating serum provides the nutrients for the lashes to grow longer and denser after 3-4 weeks. The entire treatment period comprises of one session per month for a period of 3 months, but is it said that you can achieve 2-3mm growth in just one session.

eyelash regrowth treatment singapore | Singapore Beauty Blog

Clean and spacious treatment room.

Treatment procedure

First, my eyelids were gently cleansed with rosewater to remove any traces of make up and oils.

After cleansing, lash growth serum was applied onto my lash line. The treatment is done on both upper and lower lash line, so I’ll see growth on both! Yay!

Then, that’s when the electronic micro-needle tool was used to gently massage across the lash lines from left to right. ‘Micro-needles’ sound scary right? But trust me, there was 100% NO PAIN at all, it was more like a ticklish sensation when the nozzle touches the lids. Although they call it ‘micro-needle’, there’s no poking, no injection or whatsoever, so sitting through the procedure was a breeze.

Cleansing and the procedure took about 30 mins.

eyelash regrowth treatment singapore | Singapore Beauty Blog

Finally, I was treated to a heated soothing eye mask (which is super popular in Korea too!) for another 30 mins, to which I got so comfortable and dozed off…

eyelash regrowth treatment singapore | Singapore Beauty Blog

After the procedure, there was a final cleansing of the lids, and I was done! No down-time, no redness, and I could continue on my day like usual. Some pointers are to go for the session without eye makeup on, and to not apply mascara or eye makeup on the day of the treatment itself. But it’s okay to apply eye makeup again on the next day.

eyelash regrowth treatment singapore | Singapore Beauty Blog

I was then given an eyelash growth serum to apply at home. The serum provides nutrients for lashes and is recommended to be applied daily.

My BEFORE eyelash scorecard

eyelash regrowth treatment singapore | Singapore Beauty Blog eyelash regrowth treatment singapore | Singapore Beauty Blog

I created scorecards for my lashes before the treatment, and will compare them with the AFTER scorecard in 1 month’s time when I go for my follow up. My natural lashes are not too bad to begin with, but no harm aiding them in reaching their full potential!! Haha I’m very excited to see if my eyelashes managed to grow. Follow my journey and check back on the blog for the results! You could follow my instagram @mypeaceofheaven too :)

Readers’ Discount!!

Are you ready to experience permanent growth in your lashes? Quote ‘Zoe10’ to enjoy a 10% discount off this treatment (U.P. $280)!

About Lash Regrowth

Eyelash Regrowth Treatment uses the latest technology and product to revitalize your cells, so that your lashes will grow naturally. A safe and permanent way of possessing a pair of long eyelashes.

Address: Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital #01-07 (within Beauty & Mums) 329563 Singapore

Call Jas Tan 8261 3088 for enquiries or to book an appointment.

For more information, please visit :)

(Disclaimer: Treatment is sponsored, but all thoughts are my own.)Untitled-1


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