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Travel Size Hairstyling Tools from PLAY by TUFT

Travel size hairstyling tools | Singapore Beauty Blog

Hello ladies! How’s the festive weekend coming along for you? It’s Deepavali annnd Halloween so I bet most of you are up and running about our little island. For me, I’m just happy to spend a little time catching up on rest. Been sewing much and also had a capsule launch over at, featuring our latest Colourblock Salad-Party Totes! What a busy week and it’s gonna get crazier soon because Holiday season is here, and that usually means craft fairs, meet ups with friends, and weddings to attend. Regardless, I still love year-ends though. How about you? :)

Well, I’ve got a really fun episode to share with you. Last Saturday, I was at PLAY by Tuft‘s hairstyling event and I totally embarrassed myself with the tools in front of the professional stylists. I can’t style my own hair for nuts (or rather, I’ve not attained that skill) – I can’t do all those pretty braids, because instead of my hair tangling, my fingers tangle with themselves. With regards to hair, I’ve pretty much called it quits. BUT that didn’t stop me from wanting to attend this event, because I really wanted to learn. Haha.

Travel size hairstyling tools | Singapore Beauty Blog


The event was held at Classic by Tai Wah, a hair-pampering gem located at Cecil Street. The salon gives off an elegant and a muted luxurious feel, and it sure is spacious! We were greeted by this gorgeous table spread. PLAY by Tuft has this impressive range of professional home-hairstyling tools that is wallet-friendly, sophisticated, and chic. If you’re wondering why the theme of the table display was ‘TRAVEL’, you will be delighted to know that PLAY by Tuft features travel size hairstyling tools!

Travel size hairstyling tools | Singapore Beauty Blog

A closer look at their Mini Travel Styler that doubles up as a mini curler. It doesn’t take up a lot of space in luggage and the best thing is, it comes in dual voltages, which means you don’t have to worry about voltage differences wherever you go. For those who bring bulky hairstyling tools along when you travel, now here’s a LEGIT tool you can consider getting.

Travel size hairstyling tools | Singapore Beauty Blog

Next, we were treated to a demonstration and hands-on workshop on how the tools are used to achieve desired looks. Ah, this is just what I need! The people from PLAY by Tuft are really thoughtful and here are some of the looks created:

Travel size hairstyling tools | Singapore Beauty Blog

Using the PLAY Mini Travel Styler.

It is possible to achieve two types of styles with this tool. One side of the mannequin’s head was straightened and curled at the ends, while the other side was curled to create a voluminous wavy hairstyle. As such, this tool is suitable for both long and short hair.

Travel size hairstyling tools | Singapore Beauty Blog

Using a PLAY Heated Brush to smooth messy and frizzy hair.

Travel size hairstyling tools | Singapore Beauty Blog

Using the PLAY Smart Styling Iron to achieve glorious waves!

You can choose between 1″ or 2″ plates for different size curls, and the plates are coated with Titanium for a smoother glide, preventing painful tangles and burns.

Travel size hairstyling tools | Singapore Beauty Blog

Bloggers Tiffany Yong and June both trying their hands on the PLAY Heated Brush. It’s so nice to finally meet them in person! That’s the thing with Singapore’s beauty blogosphere, bloggers know of each other’s existence but it’s pretty much only during events that we may get to interact in person. <3

Travel size hairstyling tools | Singapore Beauty BlogPhoto credits to ReynaHearts

Here I am looking awkward getting hands-on with the Smart Styling Iron. I tried the Mini Travel Styler and the Smart Styling Iron, and for both times, the Stylists actually switched off the power for me so I won’t endanger my life. LOL I was so embarrassed that they thought that I looked too inexperienced to handle a hot iron on my own. >.< Hey I did fine under Stylist William’s guidance ok! Haha he looked quite worried, I would say. BUT I CANS ZOOS ZIS. And I went home with pretty waves. *beams with pride* =D

Travel size hairstyling tools | Singapore Beauty Blog

A picture with Reyna and Tiffany! :)

Thank you PLAY by Tuft for such a heartwarming event. Everything was well thought out, there was food, fun, and laughter. The tools were so cute and handy. The Stylists were really friendly and helpful, I feel more confident in using a curling iron now!! Lol.


Tai Wah Distributors started in 1956 as a partnership and reincorporated as a private limited company in 1971. It started as a regional Distributor in Professional Hair and Beauty Care Products and had been responsible for introducing renown brands in this trade to the regional markets. With our professional heritage and expertise, we decided to venture into the development of machine and equipment for the hair and beauty trade in 2001. Tai Wah Distributors started our house brand, TUFT. TUFT has received steady acceptance and growth in the South East Asia Market over the past decade, focusing on innovations in speciality equipment and appliances for the hair & beauty professional.

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