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ShopBack: Save more with cashback and online shopping deals

Hi ladies, I’m a rather thrifty person, preferring to shop with discount codes and hunting down deals, especially online. Why spend that extra money when we can get it at a lower price, right? I don’t think that’s cheapo, but actually smart spending, and such behaviour is pretty much in-built in majority of us women – in order to get what we want and still not burst our wallets, AND to keep our other halves from nagging. Haha.

But did you know that apart from promo codes, there’s another genius way to stretch that dollar? Getting a percentage of the money back when you spend! A similar concept would be ‘rebates’, where you collect points and then exchange to dollars e.g. at NTUC. However, Cashback is literally directly getting part of the money you spent back. Let me show you how.

How to get cash back while online shopping?

So recently I’ve been invited to check out Shopback Singapore to experience their cash back system. Shopback is a website that pays you when you shop through it. It might be a little counterintuitive at first to shop through another website, but once you get the hang of it, it can really get you massive savings. Here’s how I did it.

How to use Shopback | MypeaceofheavenFirst head over to the website, and sign up for an account. It’s absolutely free to do so!

How to use Shopback | MypeaceofheavenYou can sign up using Facebook or Email, and I chose to use my email.

How to use Shopback | MypeaceofheavenAnd then I was in! Immediately, I get bombarded with all the possible Cashbacks that I can have, and it made me a little sad that I’ve been missing out so much. I’ve definitely shopped on Zalora, Lazada, Groupon, Taobao (& more) before… without getting a single cent back. :'(

How to use Shopback | MypeaceofheavenBut since I try to buy only what I need, I checked out their list of stores they work with and got a huge surprise when I saw a super long list of online stores that are eligible for Cashback. I found SeeChic! I’ve always wanted to replenish my contact lenses and to see SeeChic among the list was a treat.

How to use Shopback | MypeaceofheavenOnce you have clicked into the store that you want, you’ll see valid coupons under the shop name. And holy guacamole, I can get a whopping 15% cash back when shopping at SeeChic! That’s another 15% discount on my lenses. That is a freaking god-send. I have astigmatism and my contact lenses alone can cost hundreds.

How to use Shopback | MypeaceofheavenAfter clicking into the coupon, I was re-directed to SeeChic’s website. And I also took note to complete purchase within the same Internet window to qualify for cashback.

How to use Shopback | Mypeaceofheaven

And then as per normal, I carted out my lenses at SeeChic’s website. I even used a discount code! =)

How to use Shopback | MypeaceofheavenOne hour later, I could already see my Cashback in my account! If you’re wondering why Total Earnings does not match the Pending amount, it’s because Shopback gives you another S$5.00 for making your first purchase through it!

I admit I was a little anxious as to whether Shopback managed to track my purchase, and kept refreshing this page to to check. BUT OMG YES. IT WORKS.

How much did I save in total??

Promo Code Discount: S$ 44.00

CashBack Savings: S$ 18.77

If you want to count in the $5 gift from Shopback: S$ 5

A total of S$ 67.77 saved! Money in my pocket yo.

Super deals from Shopback you have to check out!

Shopback’s the place to enjoy more savings with a Sephora voucher, AND to get cash back.

Never imagined you could get additional ‘discounts’ from Apple? Yes you can with Shopback.

Apart from the cash back system, Shopback also offers time limited coupons that you can SAVE MORE (something like what I did). Click here to see all the latest online shopping coupons and find out about the joys of saving with a Zalora coupon or other deals from the many other merchants available. :)

How could I have missed out on all these all along!

Honestly, I feel like I’ve really been missing out on all the cash back I could have had. This is such a win-win situation – Shopback earns a commission by referring customers to merchant stores, and we get some money back when Shopback shares their profits with us. I can’t believe I hadn’t tried this earlier! Now I probably will make it a habit to go through Shopback to do my online shopping. I already have plans get stuff from iHerb, Book Depository, and perhaps AirAsia? Yes, you can even get cashbacks when buying air tickets and booking hotels. The possibilities are endless. You just gotta try it! :)

Sign up via my Shopback link to get $10 when you complete your first purchase!Untitled-1

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