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2D1N Guide to Avillion Port Dickson – Day 1

2D1N Avillion Port Dickson Hotel review | Singapore Blog

It’s year-end, means time for holidayyy~! This is the time to whisk yourself away to a beautiful place, away from city bustle, and reconnect with the inner peace that your heart craves. And that was exactly what I did! :) Things can get a little overwhelming at Beary Naise during gifting season, and in between two back-to-back craft fairs, Tian Wen and I set some time out for a 2D1N trip from Singapore to Port Dickson!

How to get from Singapore to Port Dickson, Malaysia?

Port Dickson is a coastal town located just over an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But for Singaporeans, it’s not so straightforward to get there. For this trip, we took a coach bus by KKKL Travel and Tours, which has a really affordable travel package including both the coach ride and hotel stay at Port Dickson.

We boarded the coach bus at Textile Centre, Jalan Sultan, at 7:15 am. And we reached Avillion Port Dickson at around 1pm with 1 pit-stop along the way. Our friendly driver, Jamil, is experienced and steady, which is very important for long trips like these, and we didn’t at any point of time feel unsafe.

As our trip was only 2D1N, I felt a need to maximise our time there to explore as many features as possible. Here’s sharing our experience, and a guide to how to spend your time at Avillion Port Dickson! :)

Hotel Lobby

Avillion Port Dickson reviewChecking in at the front desk only took about 5 – 10 mins as we specifically went during off-peak on a Thursday. Then we were received by Avillion’s Front Office Manager, Mr. Jay, who brought us to our room – the Premium Water Chalet.

Avillion Port Dickson reviewPeek from the top!

Throughout our 5 mins short walk to the room, we were in awe of the beautiful lush surroundings and made mental notes to check them out later on. Port Dickson is a 5-star luxury beach resort with an award-winning spa and breath-taking ocean views, and is also ranked #3 on TripAdvisor!

The whole resort is a perfect architectural fusion of Old World Malay fishing villages and modern luxuries. It is really amazing how seamlessly Avillion manages to combine a back-to-nature ambience with a posh indulgence that allows visitors to experience the rich heritage of Malaysia in comfort.

Avillion Premium Water Chalet Room Tour!!

Avillion Port Dickson Premium Water Chalet Room Tour Avillion Port Dickson Premium Water Chalet Room TourFirst impression of the room – our Premium Water Chalet is gorgeous! Aside from the super huge bed (I don’t know what size it is but I could practically swim in it), there is also a Pangkin day bed nearer to the window. The Premium Water Chalets are located furthest out into sea and overlooks the ocean.

Avillion Port Dickson Premium Water Chalet Room Tour Avillion Port Dickson Premium Water Chalet Room TourThe bathroom is semi open-concept where you can take a shower in the rain-shower under the night sky, or a hot soak in the bath-tub. It is also well-prepared with a tray of possible toiletries that you might need, including nail files and sewing kits!

Avillion Port Dickson Premium Water Chalet Room TourThe best part? Each room is complete with its own private balcony where you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the ocean, sky, and horizon. I’m missing this view already!!

1) Lunch at Crow’s Nest

After setting our things in the room, we headed out to grab a bite! (We were so tempted to just plop into the super soft and comfortable bed especially with the air-conditioning already switched on to await our arrival, but our hungry stomachs disagreed. Haha.)

Avillion Port Dickson Malaysia reviewIt was our first meal of the day and we chose to have it at Crow’s Nest, one of Avillion’s eating places.

Avillion Port Dickson Crow's Nest review Avillion Port Dickson Crow's Nest reviewThe restaurant is absolutely gorgeous with a two-storey high ceiling, full-length windows, with ample sunlight streaming in. The use of a special timber and rattan furniture with tiled floor and tables stay true to the resort’s portrayal of rich Malaysian culture. It was traditional, yet comfortably contemporary.

Avillion Port Dickson Crow's Nest review Avillion Port Dickson Crow's Nest reviewFrom the outdoor terrace dining area, you can oversee a large part of the resort and out into the Straits of Malacca. That probably inspired its name, Crow’s Nest, which refers to the highest watch-point of a ship used for a lookout by sailors.

omt_1465_converted omt_1474_converted omt_1480_converted omt_1485_convertedWhen in any country, it’d be wise to order their local delicacy! You would want to try their Nasi Goreng Kampung (Rm32), which is rather pricey, but comes in a large portion. The coffee is served with a cookie and it complimented the coffee so well! A funny incident happened when Tian Wen fed me part of the cookie and I promptly ate the whole piece, and he exclaimed in shock, “You’re not supposed to eat the whole thing?!” Hahaha oops, I guess we both loved the taste of the cookie dipped in coffee; I would have requested for more cookies if it was possible.

2) Explore the resort

Singapore to Port Dickson KKKL coachAfter filling our tummies, it’s time to take a stroll around the resort and do some exploring! Here we are facing the Garden Chalets, which are further away from the sea, but provide a family-friendly environment surrounded by nature. It is also close to the eating places, sauna, pools, and reception lounge.

Avillion Port Dickson reviewWe continued walking along the resort’s path and came across a set up on Riau beach for private events, I reckon birthday parties, engagement or intimate weddings. I imagine that the place would look even more romantic when the tide is in, with loads of fairy lights. Water sports like kayaking, windsurfing, Hydro-bike on Riau beach can also be arranged upon request.

Avillion Port Dickson Hotel reviewAvillion Port Dickson Resort reviewHeaded back to explore more of the resort, and this wall of information of what’s going on around caught our eyes. And then we remembered that we were going to check out aVi Spa and aVi Lounge later in the evening, the resort’s award-winning main attraction!

Avillion Port Dickson Resort ReviewLove the view from just outside our room.

3) Go for massage at aVi Spa / Catch sunset at aVi Lounge

aVi Spa Avillion Port Dickson reviewEntrance of aVi Spa, which is next to the aVi Lounge.

aVi Spa Avillion Port Dickson reviewIt was around 5pm that we decided to head to aVi Lounge, even though our cocktail service starts at 6pm. It’ll be best to go earlier if you can, then you can stay for the entire duration of sunset. Isn’t the glass house spectacular!

Avillion Port Dickson Resort Blogger reviewThe entire stretch of chalets facing the ocean, Avillion really has one of the best views.

4) Spam photos at aVi Lounge!!

Avillion Port Dickson aVi Spa Resort GuideAvillion Port Dickson Sunset ViewAvillion Port Dickson Hotel Blogger reviewSimply breathtaking. We were blessed with good and clear weather, and that made everything so paradisiac. The horizon is so perfectly straight and un-speckled by ships or islands. We spent quite a while just basking in the warmth of the sunlight, listening to the calm waves, and enjoying the peace.

aVi Lounge Port Dickson stunning photosAvillion Port Dickson 2D1N GuideThe back of the stunning glass house.

5) Enjoy complimentary FREE-FLOW cocktail service

Yes, you heard that right. Cocktail service is twice a day and is complimentary for Premium Water Chalet guests. So if you want to frolic in the beautiful glasshouse, do book one of those Premium Water Chalets!

omt_1669_converted Cozy and luxurious interior.

omt_1693Avillion aVi Lounge cocktail collage-of-cocktail-foodBecause we went on an off-peak day, we had the entire venue to ourselves at one point of time, and also the full set-up of the evening cocktail session. We caught sunset in the glass house with canapés and cocktail.

Sunset over Straits of MalaccaAs the sun got nearer and nearer to setting, the scene morphed into a beautiful canvas where pastel hues flooded the vast sky. It was so so pretty, and reminded me of pink marble.

6) Room Service for Dinner :)

We decided to give aVi Spa a miss as we had missed their last appointment timing due to chasing sunset (it’d would have been perfect if our stay was 3D2N, but we will definitely go for the spa the next time we are at Avillion!) and chose to head back to our room to rest at around 8+pm. And since we showered and didn’t want to get sweaty again, we ordered room service!

Avillion Port Dickson Room serviceThe Club Sandwich (RM28) and Jumbo Beef Sausage (RM28) came in such large portions, and we were well-fed and so satisfied. The sandwich bread is fluffy (means it wasn’t pre-prepared and refrigerated), and filled with fresh ingredients, while the beef sausage too is juicy. Ah, love room service! We first fell in love with room service when we went for a cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the seas 3D2N Cruise to Penang, which came with free-flow complimentary room service! It’s the bomb.

Stay tuned for Day 2!

That’s the end of Day 1, and we were soo bushed from all that travelling, exploring, and excitment. More on Avillion’s buffet breakfast, more activities, and KKKL’s ride back in Part 2 coming right up! :)

Update: Read Part 2 here!

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