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ZoeReverie: 2017

ZoeReverie posts tell of the author’s contemplations about life, and are often written to inspire herself. How narcissistic. Lol.

We made it!!

2016 was rough. For the entire year, it was a struggle. There are ups and downs in life, but 2016 was a year where the down had outdone itself. Haha. But that’s not to say that there were no gains. I count my blessings everyday; every shower and every night’s sleep is a reset, washing away the day’s weariness and hurt. I’m forgetful when it comes to pain, and that in itself is a blessing.

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I know 2017 will bring me new challenges as I grow in mind, and expand Beary Naise in new directions. There are going to be huge steps and many decisions to make, but I trust that things will fall into place, even though they may not make sense in the beginning. Staying in the same spot is a regression, and time waits for no one. I will make sure that I move forward, even though I’ll be swimming against the tide with weights pulling me back. Besides, this is how professional swimmers train in real life too, right? :) Mine’s figurative, but sounds a lot more achievable already.

Giving thanks.

I would like to thank the people who have stayed beside and supported me. Thank you for all the love and care given to me by friends and family. Thank you readers who take time out to visit my blog. Thank you sponsors and collaborators whom I’ve worked with. I’ve been blogging for quite a number of years, and I am so thankful for this space where I can express myself, my thoughts, and share my feelings. I’ve also made many friends and garnered many new experiences through blogging, and that is something that is very precious to me.

For people who gave their support for Beary Naise, be it in encouraging words, helping to publicise through word-of-mouth, or even purchasing from my humble biz, a BIG THANK YOU. Every encouragement touches my heart and makes me smile.

Lastly, thank you TW, you have given me more than I could ever ask for.  :)

NY resolution…

One thing I hope to do in 2017 is to not compare my journey with others’. I know friends who are happily married with children. I also know of people who are divorced, or who are going to be. I know people who are successful, and also people who are struggling to make ends meet. I know people who seem like they have everything under control, and also people who seem like they don’t know where they are heading. No two journeys are exactly the same, and frankly, it is not a race to see who reaches the end point first.

Every one is marching to the beat of different drums, going through different obstacles/challenges in life. And if it seems like your world is crashing down while others are enjoying fruits of their labour, keep in mind that nothing in life is permanent. Not in a bad way where you curse other people okay!! But just a reminder that bad times don’t last. They really don’t. Just hang in there. Your turn will come. :)

Bye 2016~ Hello 2017!

That said, I’m really excited to embark on my 2017 plans. Step by step, I will turn dreams into reality. It’s gonna be fun!

Here’s wishing everyone reading a Happy 2017, good health, and happiness.

Cheers. :D


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