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2D1N Guide to Avillion Port Dickson – Day 2

2D1N Avillion Port Dickson Hotel review | Singapore Blog

One night only is not enoughh!

Hello everyone! This is Part 2 of my 2D1N Guide to Avillion Port Dickson (read Part 1 here), and it’s been such an awesome holiday here that I don’t wanna leave so soon! The second day of a 2D1N trip is always soo short and it may feel like there’s nothing much you can do, but here’s what I did to get a full experience out of it!

We felt so rested the next morning, and it feels like heaven to wake up to the sound of waves, and be wrapped up in such a large, comfy bed and soft blankets.

The resort provides an electronic mosquito repellent (can be found in a small packet on the bedside table) which is very effective in keeping mozzies away, so remember to use that!

7) Wake up to a breathtaking view of the ocean

Avillion Port Dickson Premium Water chalet reviewVilla big window looking out to sea

It was such a glorious morning, the weather had been nothing but perfect for us. We wanted to appreciate the view from our villa and I’m so glad that I lifted the curtains up, revealing wooden window frames and the sea beyond. Warm and loving sunlight filled the room, and as I lay on the comfortable bed gazing out into the infinity, a wave of gratitude overcame me. All worries, fears, and stress that I had seemed so small when compared to the vastness of nature. I felt at peace with myself.

8) Breakfast Buffet at Village Court

We then had complimentary breakfast buffet at Village Court! They serve a wide variety of traditional cuisines like Chinese porridge, Nasi lemak, Western pasta, but we went straight for the chicken rendang, beehoon goreng, some bread, butter and eggs, coffee, and tea. I really love Malay cuisine!! The egg station is amazing too!

Avillion Port Dickson Buffet breakfast Avillion Port Dickson Buffet breakfast Avillion Port Dickson Buffet breakfast Avillion Port Dickson Buffet breakfast

During our breakfast, we had the honour of meeting Avillion Port Dickson’s Operations Director, Mr. Prakash Nair, who took a little time out to say hello and ask how we were doing at the resort so far. I had a short chat with him, even touching on what I do for a living, and we seem to hit a common ground on the spirit of entrepreneurship. To be visited by the Director of Operations himself was very unexpected, but that feeling of being treated like we matter was incredible. Thank you Mr. Prakash. We fell in love with Avillion’s warm hospitality and are looking to coming back and visiting other Avillion Hotels and Resorts soon! :)

9) Visit kampung animals at the Pet farm

After breakfast we had a little more time to spend before our coach back to Singapore arrives at 2pm.  We went to check out the mini pet farm, and oh my goodness, the little furry animals are so cute! At 10am daily, there is a feeding session that children can participate in, so make sure to bring your little ones there :)

Avillion Port Dickson Attractions blog reviewAvillion Port Dickson Attractions blog reviewAvillion Port Dickson Attractions blog review Avillion Port Dickson Attractions blog review Avillion Port Dickson Attractions blog reviewThe peacocks and peahens are allowed to roam free in the resort (much like Singapore’s Zoo and Sentosa) and were making loud honking sounds, which I found quite funny. Haha.

Avillion Port Dickson Pet FarmAvillion Port Dickson Pet FarmAvillion Port Dickson Pet FarmAvillion Port Dickson Pet FarmThis little bunny hopped over when we came to the fence. Thank you for saying hello!! Too cute :)

10) Children MUST check out the Playroom and Kids’ Spa!

We explored a little more and discovered that Avillion has a children’s playroom with activities, and even a kids’ Spa!

Avillion Port Dickson Kids' Spa & PlayroomAvillion Port Dickson Kids' Spa & Playroom  Avillion Port Dickson Kids' Spa & Playroom Yep, if you’re there with family and children, you can let your girls indulge in a manicure/pedicure (RM 39/ RM 49) or even a chocolate facial (RM 100) and boys can play PlayStation (RM 20/hr), while you, the parents, head for some personal time at the aVi Spa. Great idea, eh? :)

Avillion Port Dickson Kids' Spa & Playroom Avillion Port Dickson Kids' Spa & PlayroomIsn’t the room pretty!? We were wowed that so much effort had been put into creating such a dreamy and enchanting environment for the little guests at the resort. Children are so stressed at school nowadays, I’m sure they’ll welcome some pampering too.

11) Savour the view at Lookout Point

2D1N guide to Avillion Port DicksonGuide to Avillion Port Dickson

We chanced upon the Lookout Point while walking back to our Villa. It is a pretty secluded deck where you can relax, enjoy the sea breeze, and simply relish the moment.

12) Lastly, goodbye drink at The Galley

2D1N Avillion Port Dickson Hotel review | Singapore Blog

We were granted late check out, but we decided to grab our belongings and have a last drink and chill at The Galley, their beautiful lounge bar. Large windows with black frames (and lots of sunlight) are one of my favourite interior design elements. At Avillion, you can feel that a lot of thought was put into designing the resort to seamlessly marry traditional Old-world Malay essence with modern elegance.

Avillion Port Dickson Hotel review

The Galley serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and TW and I ordered one each. While we were just soaking in our last moments at the resort, Mr. Jay, Front Office Manager, and Mr. Mark, Food & Beverage Manager, came by to ask if we had a nice stay and we had a very nice chat with the both of them.

Mr. Mark had visited Singapore on several occasions before and we were all hyped up over talking about food, haha! They are such jovial, sincere, and professional people. The feeling that I got from Avillion is that they really care about customer’s feedback and well-being.

It was truly an unforgettable stay.

Avillion Port Dickson Resort Blog review

Thank you all staff from Avillion Port Dickson who left such a lasting impression on us – the front desk staff, the room service staff, and also the sweet lady staff (I’m sorry we didn’t get your name!) who was on duty when we were at aVi Lounge – she makes such delicious drinks, and had provided help when I found a wooden splinter lodged in my palm. Thank you for making our stay so comfortable and looking out for us throughout the way!

KKKL Coach Bus from Port Dickson To Singapore

KKKL Coach Bus Singapore to Port Dickson

Well, it was finally time to board our KKKL coach back to Singapore. We were so glad to see Jamil again! We felt safe with his driving skills when we were travelling from Singapore to Port Dickson, and seeing him again gave us a peace of mind. It rained for a bit on our way back, but everything well smoothly.

With the seats extended backwards, it was cozy enough for me to doze off. And we reached our drop-off point safely at Textile Centre at around 8+pm, and then Uber-ed home!

Thank you Jamil!! :)

Deepest thanks to KKKL for having us on one of your coach buses and sending us to Avillion Port Dickson safely and back. We are sold on travelling from Singapore to Malaysia via KKKL Travel and Tours. It is just so much easier and hassle-free to book both coach and hotel stay in one package instead of separately.

Port Dickson, with its exotic resorts and million-dollar views of the ocean, is not accessible by plane. And if you’re not going to drive all the way up from Singapore, the best way to get there is via coach bus! :)

KKKL has these coach + hotel tour packages that are afforable, and very attractive. We are eyeing their Malacca hotel and coach tour next and are hoping to go there for our next getaway!

Here’s a last photo on why you’ll not regret taking this trip:

Avillion Port Dickson Hotel review

Sneaked a photo using the iPhone! Thank you TW for being the best partner to travel with, and taking such beautiful photos for memories’ sake. This is in fact our first overseas trip alone together and I believe it’s going to be etched in our hearts for a long time to come. <3

About KKKL

KKKL Travel and Tours

KKKL Travel & Tours is the subsidiary of KKKL Express Sdn Bhd Malaysia. We offer daily bus trip from Singapore to KL, Singapore to Malacca, Singapore to Genting Highlands, Singapore to Port Dickson and Awana Resort.

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We are proud to have 3 offices in Singapore, located at the central Textile Centre (nearby Lavendar MRT), Tanjong Katong Complex (nearby Paya Lebar MRT) and east side Katong V (Marine Parade). Feel free to come and visit our offices with no obligation, our friendly staff is happy to serve you.

Besides coach services, we also offer free and easy tour packages to Malacca, Genting, KL, Awana Resort and also Port Dickson. We do organize day trip as well, such as durian trip (link to the durian tour), and many more. Like our facebook to get to know the latest packages available.

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