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My Everyday Makeup Routine: Video + Reflections Organics Review

Simple Makeup Tutorial

Hi ladies, recently I started using a couple of products from Reflections Organics I got from its launch event, and decided to add them into my everyday makeup routine. It’s been a few months, and I still find myself reaching out for them. So a review is definitely needed on the blog! Besides that, I also made a video to share how I do my makeup. Very basic, no frills, light makeup that can survive the humid weather in Singapore.

If it’s not showing, here’s the link:

Reflections Organics Makeup Review

Camouflage Cream in Picturesque Review

Pros: Love, love, love this product. Although the Camouflage Cream comes in a pot, the formula is towards creamy than cakey. Very lightweight, blend-able, and easy to layer on if you need more coverage. It has worked very well for my dark eye circles, and especially blemishes.

Best part? Its healing properties from organic contents like Vitamin E, jojoba seed oil, cocoa seed butter, moisturises and heals my blemishes at the same time working as a concealer. Makeup that heals and beautifies, what more can I ask for? :)

There are 5 shade available, and the Picturesque is the darkest (still pretty light I think!)! I’ve gotten pretty tanned and this shade suits me just fine after I have brightened up my skin tone with CC cream. The combination gives a healthy and natural glow to my visage. At first I was worried about it melting away, but after setting it with loose powder, the concealer cream does not budge that much.

Cons: Since the product is so lightweight, I needed to apply more of it each time. I’m already hitting bottom of the tub! *sobs*

Rating: 4.5/5

Liquid Liner Review

Pros: The staying-power of the Liquid Liner is INSANE. It claims to be 100% smudge-proof so I did an experiment. I drew 3 strokes of varying thickness on my hand and that’s what still left after 3 days. 3 DAYS of normal hand-washing, showering, etc did not even make most of the liner budge. But of course, it came off very easily once I used a makeup remover. I am super impressed with its long-wearibility, and it totally struck down the notion that organic makeup is not long-lasting.

Cons: Unfortunately I was quite disappointed with the applicator brush. The Liquid Liner has a rather thick brush, which isn’t exactly a brush either, but a hard stick. It felt like I was applying with a wooden pen nib, and it was also quite difficult to control the thickness of the stroke.

But like I said, its staying-power is its saving grace. Once it dries, it transforms into a film-like layer on the eyelids, and stay put. Probably it will be good if you’re heading to the beach/pool, and need some makeup? :)

Rating: 3/5

Lip Butter In Sweet Plum Review

Pros: Gorgeous colour, super moisturizing, and does not dry out the lips AT ALL. I’ve had lip sticks cracking out my lips, but my lips only feel softer after applying the Lip Butter. It doesn’t have an oily or sticky feel. It is also long-lasting, and leaves a gentle colour stain, which I like. Although you see some shimmer in the colour upon application, I believe that’s from the organic butters (mango, avocado, cocoa) that are absorbed into the lips quickly, leaving a more matte finish.

Cons: Can’t think of any… Excellent formula :)

Rating: 5/5

I didn’t use the Liquid Liner in the video as I had eyelash extensions on, but here’s a look using all 3 products! :)

A big salute to beauty Youtubers out there, you ladies really have a very tough job! It was only when I tried to create a makeup tutorial video myself that I realised that video editing can take up a HUGE amount of time. Hopefully I get better at being in front of the camera so I don’t have to edit so much out! Haha I hope to make more videos to supplement my blog content, please subscribe if you’d like to be updated! :)

Thank you!

About Reflections Organics

Reflections Organics is a Singapore-founded cruelty-free organic and mineral makeup line. Each product is formulated with up to 90% USDA certified organic ingredients, with no harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances. The line boasts a high-performing pigmented makeup with long-lasting power, while providing wholesome natural nourishment for skin.

PROMO CODE -> Use exclusive code “ROZoe17“ for 10% off all products! Applicable for all products and valid from now till March 2017. 

(Disclaimer: Products were sponsored at event, but all thoughts are my own.)Untitled-1

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