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[Review] Why I love the Dr Haach OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial

Hi ladies, last week I had the opportunity to try out an OxyGeneo Facial at Dr Haach, and I have to tell you that it turned out to be better than expected. It revived my dull skin and gave me a glow that I had been missing for awhile due to late nights and sun-damage. I managed to put together a video of my treatment process, so watch to see how it’s like! :)

What is OxyGeneo technology?

It is a break-through in skin care treatment that combines 3 effective steps to exfoliate, infuse, and oxygenate your skin. Touted as a ‘super’ facial, it is proven to be more effective than traditional facials. The process is fairly quick – the applicator is moved around the face in circular motions for about 5 mins each side. In such little time and giving such good results, I was really impressed!


The applicator tool gently exfoliates the surface layer of the skin, sloughing away the dead skin cells that prevent nutrient and moisture absorption.


The unique Capsugen® (which is the yellowish treatment gel seen in the video) contains important nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, and anti-oxidants.


Different from traditional “Oxygen” facials that simply hits the skin surface with pressurised oxygen, the OxyGeneo machine activates an internal oxygenation. The applicator releases millions of carbon dioxide bubbles bursting on the surface of the skin, which in turns stimulate oxygen-rich blood to the treated area. The high concentration of oxygen supports optimal absorption of nutrients, as well as banish bacteria.

Dr Haach’s OxyGeneo Facial Procedure

Step 1: Cleansing

Step 2: Peeling

I’m pretty sure this step is not included in usual OxyGeneo facials, but at Dr Haach, a short chemical peel was applied for me to help with my dead skin buildup. My therapist said that my layer of dead skin was quite thick, hence the dull and uneven appearance. Yikes.

Step 3: OxyGeneo Machine

Watch the video! :) Sorry for the low resolution, but the room was too dark >.<

Step 4: Light extraction

My therapist was skilful in her extraction techniques, and I did not feel too much pain.

Step 5: Moisturising mask

Included in video as well. I was talking to the therapist and was trying my best to hold my phone straight at the same time. Haha

Step 6: Facial Detoxification Massage

Superb massaging by my therapist, which is designed for to stimulate the natural detoxification of the skin. Very relaxing too!

Step 7: Applying Toner and Sunblock

Seems like the final steps of a facial are always toner and sunblock. I’ll be good and include these two into my skincare routine!

Review – My thoughts…

Results rating: 4/5

Initially I thought this facial would be similar to other microdermabrasion treatments like Diamond Peel etc, but the results by the OxyGeneo technology are wayy better than standard facials out there! I was very pleased to note that my skin became smoother (instantly!) and softer to the touch. There’s a bounciness to my cheeks, thanks to unparalleled skin nourishment.

I think this treatment is very good for rejuvenating old and tired skin, caused by months/years of dehydration and lack of care. And results are seen after just ONE session.

Pain factor: 1/5

Don’t know if it’s because of my thick skin, but there was no pain at all during the treatment.  I’m rating zero pain for the OxyGeneo machine, and perhaps 1 during extraction. The OxyGeneo applicator vibrates at high speed, so I only felt a tingling and buzzing sensation when it touched my face. Then, the release of CO2 bubbles created a little warm tingling feel, but nothing major. Compared to laser… this was painless!

Therapist rating: 4/5

My therapist was friendly and gentle, and advised me on how to care for my skin. Her massage was very comfortable. She also gently reminded me to put a face mask for at least 3 times a week, which I will try to. Haha.

Overal rating: 4/5

It’s absolutely worth a try!

About Dr Haach

At Dr HAACH, we are committed to providing medical-grade aesthetic procedures and medi-spa therapies to address various skin concerns. From adolescence acne problems to sensitive skin types, pigmentation and premature ageing skin, our doctors and derma professionals have designed a comprehensive repertoire of therapies and programs to help you achieve and maintain the complexion you deserve.

Dr HAACH is the second generation evolution from HAACH® – drawing from over 18 years of specialized expertise in beauty and skincare, the HAACH® philosophy believes in using premium skincare products and the best beauty technologies to help our clients achieve optimum results from our facial treatments and homecare products.

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(Disclaimer: Treatment was sponsored through Try and Review, but all opinions are my own.)


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