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Hi girls! I would like to introduce this new female-targeted inspiration website for Singaporeans –! Manned by a team of lovely ladies, the articles are pretty enjoyable, and much resemble the light-hearted banter we have with our own group of female friends.

There are topics ranging from lifestyle (where to spend your weekend), fashion hits and misses, to heart-to-heart female conversations, and inspirational stories. A little reminiscent of flipping through a magazine that brings me back to a time when I was young(er) – CLEO or Seventeen perhaps?

I found several gems in this article – 23 Affordable Activities To Do in Singapore – that I didn’t know existed. I’ve taken an interest to practising yoga at home recently as a way to de-stress and discovered several yoga pop-up events in there.


Then there’s also 7 Duxton OOTD-Worthy Backgrounds and 6 Bugis OOTD Spots With Quirky Wall Murals that made me want to just grab my camera, head down and explore the place. I’m always in search of beautiful places in Singapore. And sometimes a place can be beautiful, but it’s just that you see it everyday that it has become plain to you. However recently there are increasingly more places that do not look like Singapore popping up, and these places provide a short escape from the usual sights that we see everyday. Definitely worth checking out!


Finally, is also up-to-date with fantastic beauty deals and warehouse sales that you wouldn’t want to miss. Up to 90% off branded makeup products?? Hop over to find out the details!

Although the website is still pretty young, I hope it will grow and blossom into a fine young lady in time to come! Can we have more empowering articles that showcase inspiring Singaporean females please? Gen Y folks are all in our 20s now and it’ll be great to have more role models. <3 Would love to see more thought-provoking and in-depth discussions on topics like self-improvement, relationships, and wellness too!

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