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Organic Beauty Bootcamp workshop by FRANK Skincare

Hi ladies, last Saturday morning I attended an Organic Beauty Bootcamp by FRANK skincare. It was held at Capitol Piazza in Singaporean designer fashion label store, SABRINAGOH. As usual, here’s a starting video to give a glimpse of my time there! :)

I first noticed FRANK skincare last year when I went to local artisan markets and their beautifully-designed packaging caught my eye – very earthy, clean, with a touch of luxury. I didn’t find out more then as I wasn’t on a lookout for new skincare products. It sat at the back of my mind till I received an email invitation to their beauty workshop and I thought, why not?

Organic skincare is all the rage now, and I really wanted to learn about how I may incorporate more organic products into my beauty and makeup routine. Furthermore, a sudden bout of adult-hood eczema a few months back has given me quite a scare. It has since healed but the episode forced me to think more about the things I’m using on my skin.

Organic Beauty Bootcamp

The workshop imparted the benefits of a simple oil cleansing method, and tips on how to customise a facial treatment mask using organic products. Here’s what I learned! :)


Step 1: Clean

Massage the Magic Wipe Cleansing Oil over face and neck. This dual-perfoming cleansing oil removes stubborn makeup, and cleanses at the same time. The surprise ingredient, Kiwi extract, provides natural AHA to gently exfoliate your skin. There is no need to wash with a foaming cleanser again after that. In fact, use of foaming cleansers are advised against by Cissy Chen, founder of FRANK.

Hmm… Is oil cleansing really suitable for everyone?

The one burning question in my mind. Haha. I’ve tried using oil-based makeup removers, and found that while they were effective in removing makeup, they caused my skin to be clogged as well. But that being said, those products were not organic to begin with, so that might be the reason why.

To that, Cissy said that pure organic oils that are meant to be used on the face are not supposed to clog your pores at all. That’s why she doesn’t use oils like olive oil, coconut oil etc; those aren’t suitable. Furthermore, all ingredients used are 100% certified organic by the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) and ACO (Australian Certified Organic).

Step 2: Rejuvenate

FRANK’s facial mists replace the usual toners and serums by doing many things at once. Its natural contents restores the skin’s pH balance, tighten pores, and hydrates to boost tired skin. There are 3 types to choose from – Rosy Mist, Lifted Mist, and Calming Mist.

Using mists distilled from many different types of plants and natural ingredients eliminates the need for fillers (which are usually put in to plump up serums and creams), and serves up a higher concentration of beneficial content. Citing this, Cissy advised us to always, always look at the ingredients of a skincare product to determine what you’re actually putting on your face.

Step 3: Nourish

Finally, apply specially-formulated face oils, to feed the skin with nutrients and restore its natural skin barrier and overall health. For e.g., the Juicier Luxury Face Oil (above) is packed with 11 types of oils in varying beneficial concentrations to provide all-rounded improvements. Be it brightening, moisturising, providing anti-oxidants, anti-ageing etc, it’s got them covered.

Step 2 and 3 are actually done in the same step! Cissy demonstrated this on our hands during the workshop, by spraying a generous amount of mist, and adding a drop of the facial oil. It is then massaged into the skin. The reason for spreading the oil with the mist is so as to achieve a more even application; as the oil settles on the watery mist evenly. What a brilliant idea! Because if oil is used alone on dry skin, you either end up using more product, or spread harder in order to get it evenly on the skin.

If you’re interested, here are 6 Fast Facts about Face Oil.

FRANK’s newest organic clay masks

The newest line of facial masks come with 5 packets of powdered clay + ingredients, activating serum, and organic bamboo wash cloth. I like how you activate the clay only when you are going to use it, which means there’s no need for preservatives.

Sampling organic manuka honey as a mask.

After pouring the mask powder into a bowl, you can add any other glorious ingredients like organic manuka honey, FRANK’s very own mists etc, to pump up the luxury factor. Otherwise, it’s good on its own too.

It has to be organic manuka, and not other normal kinds as those have been heat-treated and have mostly lost their anti-bacterial and beneficial properties.

How the clay mask looks like after adding manuka honey and the rosy mist.

I didn’t get to feel how the mask was like when it was freshly mixed, so this is how it was when dried. This particular one is called the Dirty Yellow Treatment Mask, which contains high-grade turmeric for brightening and clarifying skin. The turmeric used is suitable for face and skin, and will not leave a stain unlike turmeric used for cooking.

Thank you Cissy for holding the workshop! It’s been a fruitful morning. I certainly learned a lot about organic skincare and am amazed that the FRANK routine can be so simple, and yet so effective.

Go find out more about FRANK here, sign up for their mailing list, and you can attend their upcoming workshops too! :) That’s all for now ladies. Thank you for reading!



Frank Skincare is a small-batch skin care line with an ode to organic.

Established in Singapore in 2015, Frank Skincare prides itself in providing small batches of 100% organic skin care solutions for the most discerning of purveyors. The products are made and formulated in Singapore with a simple belief that healthy, radiant skin is a luxury afforded by everyone.

Frank Skincare uses pure ingredients sourced with purpose from all over the world – each one ensured to be of the highest quality in its most natural state – complete with genuine benefits skewed towards smoothing out the harsh edges of out tropical weather. Our ingredients are 100% natural, non-toxic, non-GMO, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and certified organic by globally recognised institutions such as USDA and ACO.

(Disclaimer: Post was not sponsored, workshop is free to attend! :)Untitled-1

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