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Review of TinyRabbitHole Amigurumi Workshop at NAIISE

I’ve always admired TinyRabbbitHole‘s Amigurumi (crocheted stuffed doll’ in Japanese) on their Instagram, which never fail to make me squeal like a 3-year old girl. Have you seen their awfully cute creatures like the Rainbow Unicorn and Chibi Pikachu? Those are just WAY. TOO. CUTE.

And although I’m into all sorts of crafts like sewing, needle-felting etc, I have never tried crocheting as I never got the chance to explore the art. To me, crocheting required a different set of skills and knowledge behind it that simply elude me.

Hence I was overjoyed when I was invited to join one of TinyRabbitHole’s workshops at NAIISE. Finally I get to try my hands at crocheting and make one of ’em cute amigurumi!

Amigurumi workshop at NAIISE

The workshop was held on a Sunday afternoon 1pm-6pm at NAIISE Orchard Gateway. Not surprisingly, the turnout was good!

Adorable amigurumi on display. :)

Can you spot Rilakkuma, Bad Badtz Maru, and Psyduck? These gave me a glimpse of the possible designs that can be made. Besides being able to crochet your favourite cartoon characters, you can also come up with entirely new creatures.

Crocheting my own Dango Amigurumi!

The starter kit that TinyRabbitHole provides included:

  1. Instructions manual
  2. A 2.2mm crocheting hook
  3. Felting needle
  4. Plastic toy eyes
  5. Plastic safety pins
  6. Pins and a sewing needle
  7. Accessories to make your own keychain

Pretty much everything that I need. Can’t wait to start! :D

The very first loop.

And that was the start of counting of loops, and making sure that none were missed. Haha. I never knew that there were so much calculations involved!

After following the step-by-step instructions and demonstrations, my Dango slowly took shape. Here I am stuffing the toy with acrylic wool. It gives my plushie a soft yet firm feel.

I love it!!

My very first Amigurumi inspired from Japanese dango, a sweet dumpling made from mochi that are skewered on bamboo sticks! Adding eyes and antenna really adds character to the mochi. Other participants added a small mouth, spectacles, and even made theirs into a necklace! So creative! :)

Thank you TinyRabbitHole for a fun-filled afternoon!

Photo c/o TinyRabbitHole

Everyone went home with their very own hand-made plushie. It was absolutely satisfying to have created something out of just yarn. Going through the entire process of crocheting teaches perseverance and concentration, because you have to keep track of the number of loops you have already done. And it also puts your fingers’ dexterity to the test. But at the end, it was worthed it!

Photo c/o TinyRabbitHole

Thank you Angie, Yew Tong, and Terrix for having me! :)

Here are some of my favourite amigurumi from TinyRabbitHole

Lazy Rainbow Unicorn Amigurumi | Crochet Pattern

The popular Rainbow Unicorn that has stolen lots of hearts!

Chibi Pikachu Amigurumi | Crochet Pattern

The Chibi Pikachu has got to be my favourite! <3

 About TinyRabbitHole

Once upon a time, deep in the woods, bottom of a tree, there’s a hole to another dimension, where imagination runs beneath the earth and beyond the skies. It’s a secret little place where we handmade magical creatures with yarns and needles. Once in a while, humans (instead of bunnies) accidentally found our hole, we teach them about the art of Amigurumi.

Besides crocheting these creatures, we also organize workshops in Singapore to impart wannabe crocheters the skill to unlock these magical creatures and get them out of their virtual captivity by transforming them into crochet stuffed creatures. We are happy to tailor magical creatures specially for you even if we have not come across them in the seven seas. Simply drop us a message on our Facebook / Instagram / Contact Us. and let us know where they are locked at.

Sign up for Amigurumi workshops here!

Stay creative, lovelies! :)

(Disclaimer: I was invited to attend the workshop, and opinions are my own)


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