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Review of my new SUPER OPCs Antioxidant drink!

Hi ladies,

Have you ever felt that you’re at a certain point in your life where things are rapidly changing, and challenges are constantly being thrown at you? You’ve just stepped out of your comfort zone, and are making a conscious effort to steer yourself in the direction YOU want to be. Life’s exciting, yet also very challenging.

I feel that I am in this precarious position right now. Especially with the newly launched sewing lessons, and tons of preparations for bigger plans in the near future, sometimes I find myself losing sleep with too many uncertainties running around in my head. This is bad because then I wake up having less vigour for my next day’s activities. I also experienced poorer concentration, and whenever that happens, I die die MUST drink at least 1-2 cups of tea for me to last through the day.

After hearing about my current issues and concerns, LABO sent their SUPER OPCs nutrition drink to my aid. I am super grateful! They have really sent me a wonder product.

Getting through my hectic days with SUPER OPCs

So I drink this every morning before heading out for lessons. I’ve also convinced Hammy to try it together with me, since he has a couple of the health issues that SUPER OPCs is said to combat. Things like poor immunity, joint pain, fatigue etc…

It has become a routine. Wake up, wash up. Walk to refrigerator to get the bottle (has to be kept in fridge after opening), pour a small cup of water, and proceed to make the drink mixture. It comes with a plastic scoop that is the size for one serving.

Yep, it has to be consumed on an empty stomach for best results!

The powder dissolves really fast, and slightly fizzles in water. After it has dissolved, the reaction even turned the water slightly cooler than room temperature. Is that what we call an endothermic reaction? Haha well whatever it is, it certainly made the drink nicer!

The beverage tastes like red wine, not surprising as it contains French Red Wine Extract, and yet is 100% alcohol free. It is also free of non-absorbable high molecular weight tannins that may interfere with the body’s absorption.

It works for me!

Besides gaining the good habit of drinking a cup of water every morning, I have personally experienced several benefits of SUPER OPCs!

  • More energy to power throughout the entire day without crashing halfway
  • Haven’t fallen sick since starting on the drink

I definitely feel a difference, especially in decrease in fatigue and increase in focus, throughout my day. I am able to deliver my lessons better and in a more authentic manner, by giving my students the rightful amount of energy that they deserve.

Successfully conducted a school holiday sewing workshop for 6 kids and 2 adults! Was initially ambivalent about teaching such a huge class and it was my first time teaching kids to sew as well, but thankfully I was able to execute my course without any hiccups! =)

I’ve always believed in the idea that the only limiting factor to growth and improvement is ourselves. Be it physically or mentally, no one can push you to do better if you’re contented with staying put, nor can anyone stop you from achieving great heights if you set your mind to it. And then, there are useful drinks like SUPER OPCs to power us along the way, whose help I will gladly welcome.

What I like about LABO Nutrition’s SUPER OPCs

No obscure ingredients with fancy-sounding names

There’re no gimmicks to SUPER OPCs with its premium formula. Ingredients are plainly stated, and they are mainly: French Maritime Pine Bark Extract, French Grape Seed Extract, French Red Wine Extract, Bilberry extract, Citrus Bioflavonoids Extract, Vitamin C, and Potassium.

The contents are formulated in an isotonic powder form

When it is correctly mixed with water, it can be absorbed by the small intestines within 5 minutes! As compared to common antioxidant tablets that may take 40mins – 4 hours for complete absorption.

Isotonic-capable delivery system is the most powerful delivery method that sends antioxidants to the small intestine for quick action.

The positive effects can be felt in the body overall

Besides the improvement in energy levels, I mentioned that my skin also got fairer. This was a bonus as I didn’t see it as a beauty drink, but apparently it works that way as well! That’s how cool this is.

SUPER OPCs provides high antioxidant protection at the cellular level, as certified by independent US research institute.

Unfortunately, our bodies are constantly under attack by free radicals, that can come from naturally physiological reactions or external stresses.  An unhealthy lifestyle and diet further puts the body at risk of developing health problems like high blood glucose/pressure, premature ageing, heart problems/artery clogging, respiratory problems, and poor eye health etc.

There are 12 amazing benefits of SUPER OPCs:

  • Healthy circulatory system
  • Venous circulation in the legs – varicose veins
  • Heart health
  • Healthy blood lipid levels
  • Healthy blood pressure
  • Good eye health
  • Good skin health
  • Joint health
  • Immune health
  • Respiratory health
  • Energy and Vitality

So many! Because that’s how important and beneficial antioxidants are to our bodies.

LABO SUPER OPCs retails at $62.90 at Unity Pharmacy and selected Watsons in Singapore as well as Lifestream Group.  For details, please call 6535 7333 or visit

About LABO Nutrition

LABO Nutrition is dedicated to the research and development of superior, scientifically-supported dietary supplements, aimed at improving the quality of daily life. Backed by patients and extensive studies, our products are produced using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. With our commitment to the best quality and safety standards, consumers can expect only the best, or nothing at all.

For more information, please visit: Website | Facebook 

(Disclaimer: Product is sponsored, but opinions expressed are my own.)Untitled-1

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