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[Media Invite] Where to get Party Poppers in Singapore?

Hello guys!

I attended Party Popper Singapore media launch last Saturday afternoon. Held at BackStage Cafe in Kallang, it was a cozy affair with a bunch of familiar faces and new blogger friends made! I was also amazed at the types and variety of party poppers there are!! I’ve made a quick video montage of what happened, check it out! :)

So much confetti!

Attending the event totally changed my mind about party poppers. I am someone who is very afraid of sudden loud sounds near me, and balloon bursting in a confined space is the worst. At first I was really scared of handling the poppers, but then with Celeste, Kenny, and Jiahui’s encouragement, I decided I can’t miss the chance to take pretty confetti photos. Haha anything for nice photos right?

After popping my first popper with them, I realised that it really isn’t that scary. This is because you’re the one in control, and you know when you’re going to “press that button”. I even gained enough courage to do it on my own several more times afterwards. It was so adrenaline-pumping! :D

Lion dance to welcome good fortune

The event start with a big bang! Lion dance performances are traditionally organised at launch of new businesses and Chinese New Year to welcome good fortune and wealth. The lettuce and oranges thrown out by the lions are a symbol of luck which is why they are scattered all around to bless the place or business. As I was standing very near to the lions, I got hit by an orange in the face, which means I am going to be extremely lucky for the rest of the year!? Hahaha.

Largest variety of poppers in Singapore at lowest prices

Party Popper Singapore’s founder, Marcus Poh, shared that in the beginning, they only brought in 5 types of party poppers. But as demand grew, and requests for special types of poppers came in, the company took to the task to source for more variety of poppers. Not only that, they also continually improve the quality of their popper pumps, and the quantity of confetti in each popper.

Now, Party Popper Singapore has the widest range of party poppers in Singapore. They have Flower petals, US Dollar Mini Notes confetti, Heart-Shaped confetti, and even the super popular 三生三世里桃花 Blossom confetti! They are also going to be launching personalised party poppers for wedding customisation needs. All I can say is, there is a popper for every occasion. Some customers even buy blue or pink poppers to announce the gender of babies at baby showers. :)

Besides that, they offer competitive prices as they bring in poppers in large quantities, so you can be assured that you are getting the best deal in the market.

The poppers are easy to use and so much fun

Enjoying my own confetti rain. Picture c/o of Berry Happy Photography.

The poppers come in tubes and to pop them, simply hold the tube with both hands and twist. Much like how you’d wring a wet towel. It was rather fool-proof and safe to use, just make sure not to point it directly at someone! Some have buttons and all you need to do is release a safety catch and “press the red button”. My favourites are the Heart-Shape confetti and Golden Flakes strip confetti.

Shihui, Dee, Jiahui, me, Celeste, and Kenny launched our poppers all together, creating a huge rain of confetti!

Looking at how high everyone was, I would say that party poppers are really a great way to inject excitement, joy and laughter to your special occasions. Thank you Party Popper Singapore for inviting me to join in this celebration, I had such a wonderful time! :D

About Party Popper Singapore

Yes, we are the ONLY Specialist in Party popper in Singapore! We offer the widest range of party poppers at the most competitive pricing. Browse our products for the full range of different poppers for your needs. We are please to offer Customization of popper packaging for your weddings, corporate events or company branding. Talk to us to find out more about how we can enhance your events, parties and celebrations.

Your happiness is our business! Celebrate Life… 🎉🎉🎉

For more information, please visit: Website | Facebook | Instagram

(Disclaimer: I was invited to the event and all words and experiences are my own.)Untitled-1

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