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[Review] Safe and Painless Teeth Whitening Treatment with BrightTonix

Hi ladies,

Nothing is more alluring than a beautiful bright smile that includes – a set of clean and straight teeth, and healthy gums. I am extremely lucky to have straight teeth without ever having to put braces, and my stint at a Dental clinic has instilled in me the importance of oral health.

I’m not sure if you have noticed the promotion of the Beautiful Teeth Whitening kit by influencers going around, and it was during that time that teeth whitening truly crossed my mind too. However after seeing an article that reported that the kit is not HSA-approved and contains rather high levels of hydrogen peroxide, I gasped and never gave it another thought.

Teeth whitening at Centre For Cosmetic (Shaw Centre)

A couple of weeks later though, I received an invite to try out BrightTonix Teeth Whitening treatment at Centre For Cosmetic (Shaw Centre), and I remember thinking that I MUST check it out!

BrightTonix is a revolutionary mouth rejuvenation treatment that delivers professional teeth lightening results without the harmful effects of peroxide, such as gum damage, pain, and teeth sensitivity.

What it uses is a low-frequency Radio frequency (RF) technology and a special toothpaste to remove stains from teeth enamel. And it only takes 15-30 mins to see results!

After filling in a standard form on personal details, I was ushered into a room with bright white light to record the shade of my teeth BEFORE the treatment. I found out that my teeth shade is 15.

Coffee, tea, wine, and smoking are common reasons for extrinsic teeth stains. It is always good to rinse your mouth with clean water after having food and drinks!

Then it was time to start the treatment! The therapist squeezed the Y10 gel onto the mouth piece and I was told to bite firmly onto it. It was important to make sure that my teeth are all submerged in the gel. It was my first time biting into a mouth piece so I took some time to do it correctly.

This is the Y10 gel that is specially designed for this treatment. The Y10 toothpaste molecules are energised as a result of the low RF current. They then interact with the stain, pulling them out from the tooth enamel, resulting in stain removal. It has a sweet minty flavour that is harmless even if it is swallowed.

Check out this video on how it works!

There are 2 time settings on the machine – 15 mins and 30 mins – and I was given the 30 minutes treatment. Compared to 1 hour lying down on the dental chair for the traditional teeth whitening procedures, BrightTonix was a relief as I could continue to do my work, read magazines, or watch Netflix comfortably.

After the treatment, my therapist again brought me into the bright room to check out the results. My teeth got 2 shades lighter down to shade 13! I have witnessed other influencers going down 5-10 shades, and those were amazing. Although mine only went down 2 shades, I was still satisfied as they appeared brighter.

Checking out my new pearly whites in the mirror.

I am very grateful to have been able to try out this new breakthrough treatment the moment it launched in Singapore. I believe this will set a new standard in the teeth whitening industry. It is fuss-free, safe, and painless. It reduces treatment time, does not harm the teeth, gums and surrounding tissues. It is even capable of effectively lightening the toughest shades, known to be difficult or impossible with current whitening treatments in the market.

There is also no need for after-treatment home care; I could continue using my regular toothpaste, eat and drink normally. I experienced no teeth sensitivity at all! My gums felt surprisingly refreshed too.

Forget about what fancy LED light teeth whitening kits. This is the real deal backed by scientific research and clinical trials. =)

Thank you BrandCellar and Centre for Cosmetic for the invite to experience this treatment!

About BrightTonix

BrightTonix Medical Ltd, is an Isreal-based medical device company focused on developing innovative medical solutions for dental practitioners, aesthetic physicians and beauty professionals. The company’s breakthrough Y10 whitening system aims to help dental practitioners and beauticians more efficiently, safely and effectively whiten teeth. The company is led by world-class professionals in from the aesthetic medical devices industry, experienced engineers, and supported by leading dental professionals worldwide.

About Centre For Cosmetic

Centre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation and Surgery (Medical Aesthetic Clinic Singapore) focuses on Skin Rejuvenation, V-Face Creation, Post-pregnancy Mummy Recovery, Aesthetic services, medical skincare, face and body-shaping services using safe and sustainable practices.

Address: 1 Scotts Road, #03-03A Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208

Tel: 62359911

For more information, please visit: Website | Facebook

(Disclaimer: Treatment is sponsored but opinions are my own)Untitled-1

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