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[Crafts] Beary Naise x Tiny Rabbit Hole: A Magical Rainbow Unicorn Bag Crochet + Sewing Workshop Collaboration

We held the most amazing Magical Rainbow Unicorn Tote Crochet + Sewing workshop with the people at Tiny Rabbit Hole over the weekend! Next session is on 7th February 2018 – more details and sign up here!

Oh my gosh, January’18 was like a whirlwind that flew past in a flash! I literally had only 3-4 hours of sleep per night preparing for sewing workshops at Beary Naise. Just last weekend, we held back-to-back workshops and it was exhausting to say the least – having to carry 6 sewing machines, luggage, iron, ironing board from venue to venue. (Thank you Hammy for being my muscleman!!) But it was all so fun! I have no words to describe (because it’s 2am in the morning right now and my brain is a little bonkers, hehe), but there is something so special and spontaneous when like-minded people come together to create something extraordinary.

Sharing the story behind the Unicorn Mini Tote

Remember how I went for Tiny Rabbit Hole’s amigurumi workshop back in June 2017? That was the first time I met Angie and team. During that time, I had started conducting home-based sewing workshops and I was really impressed with their crochet workshops. I thought it would be awesome if one day we could collaborate. But after the amigurumi workshop, I went on to do my own things, and the idea fell to the back of my mind. Then a couple of months later, my primary school friend, Wai Ji, linked us up again by mentioning to me that Angie was her secondary school friend when she was doing her own project of consolidating a list of Creatives in Singapore. What a coincidence! I then talked to Wai Ji about the possibility of a collab between our two studios, but not knowing TRH well enough, and how to approach them, I was rather hesitant, and it went to the back of my mind again.

Angie and I. CNY greetings with our Unicorn Tote!

Some weeks later, I met Angie again at DMC x Swarovski trade event! It must have been fate. We sat next to each other this time and chatted a bit more! Hehe then after that meeting, I finally plucked my courage to initiate the possibility of a collaboration. Then the rest, they say, is history. =)

Find out how long we took to conceptualised the Magical Rainbow Unicorn Tote.

Angie has also written about why you should attend this limited edition workshop, plus provided a free “Kam” amigurumi pattern over at the Tiny Rabbit Hole blog!

Sewing + Crochet bootcamp at Chinatown!

This fusion workshop was held at Tiny Rabbit Hole‘s shophouse studio on Smith Street. It was super cosy and comfortable (has to be because it is a full-day workshop from 11am to 7pm!). Participants started with either sewing the tote, or crocheting the Unicorn features first, then switch.

Isn’t their studio pretty? They also stock a variety of yarn not easily found in Singapore.

Which is more therapeutic, Crocheting or Sewing? If you haven’t tried either, come for our fusion workshop to get your hands working!

Sewing on the Unicorn features on to the tote.

Thank you for such amazing company!

Never thought such a feat would be feasible. Without Tiny Rabbit Hole‘s spontaneity and fun energy to try this out with us, we would not have been able to achieve this never-before-seen crochet and sewing workshop. <3 Thank you.

Our next workshop is on 7th February 2018, Wednesday, to be held at Funan Showsuite. If you’re interested in joining us, sign up here and be infected with the fun of crochet and sewing too! We promise you will not regret it. Hehe. The participants all gave 100% satisfaction thumbs up!!

Reach me directly on Instagram (@bearynaise) if you have any questions! We also share insta stories on-the-go, so follow us! :)

For more information:

Tiny Rabbit Hole | Website | Instagram

Beary Naise | Website | Instagram

(All photos credit to Terrix of ool photo)

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