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[Beary Naise BTS] Beary Naise sewing studio in Singapore!

In this new series called “Beary Naise BTS” (BTS meaning behind-the-scenes), I will be sharing content on sewing, DIYs and makes, and my #girlboss journey of running a sewing studio in Singapore! <3

It’s been a while, guys! I am super excited to be back blogging on this precious space of mine. Ever since Beary Naise went full-speed with moving to our own studio and stuff, I have been contemplating whether to get another URL to solely blog about sewing-related content. But every time I try to think of a new domain and setting up another wordpress site, the inertia just skyrockets! Perhaps it’s my own way of telling myself that, look, you have a perfectly fine self-hosted blog over here at Mypeaceofheaven, so why not add another dimension to it? So yes, I will try to incorporate this lesser-known side to me here and hope it will not get too confusing for you guys! :)

Journey of Beary Naise condensed version.

Ever since I started with Beary Naise, it’s always been sewing on a cramp table space of about 110 cm x 60 cm and cutting fabrics on the dining table; sometimes even working on the floor! But that’s just how it is, I believe most of us start out this way.

Last year, I made the decision to conduct sewing workshops. Many people would have used their own homes to begin, but I was unable to, and rental spaces were not attractive at that time. So we took the next best option, which is to travel to my student’s homes to conduct the lessons there!

After a couple of months, a friend mentioned to try Funan Showsuite and I wrote in to enquire about holding group lessons there. It worked! So we were able to move from 1-2 student per session to about 6 per session. We had to transport 6 sewing machines, iron, ironing board, and other materials to Funan Showsuite whenever we had lessons. It was super crazy! Haha

Soon, we realised the limitations of using a popular place for our workshops. Funan Showsuite became so well-booked that we did not manage to get our desired dates or were notified of vacancies very late, which meant that we often did not have sufficient time to market our workshops.

But I’m still very thankful for the opportunity to kickstart my group workshops there. It allowed my confidence to nurture.

We have a sewing studio now!

TW and I then decided to take the big leap to look for a more permanent space, where we can really build our brand. And we found it at 3C Guillemard Road. =)

We wanted the interior to be really cozy and just like a home. Lots of sunlight, soft carpet, and familiar IKEA tables are safe, and welcoming. (I’m dying to add a potted plant next to the sofa!) We kept to neutral palettes for the flooring and furniture, knowing fully that my bags on display would be of a myriad of colours and we didn’t want things to look messy.

So this is where the magic happens. The tables are extendable to accommodate more seats when there are group classes. There’s a floor-to-ceiling cupboard (not shown here) to keep all bolts of fabrics, tools neatly hidden. Even the machines can be kept, and the space instantly becomes suitable for events or other workshops!

Did I mention that the space is huge? We even have a mini rooftop garden (where we recently added fairy lights) to chill on cool nights. A cat – whom we’ve affectionately named Tubbs – comes to visit occasionally and meows at our window. And yes, we have a functional kitchen where we whip up surprise meals for students and friends.

This is where we will be for now.

Being on this journey hasn’t been easy at all, but I am very thankful to friends and family who helped out in every way that they possibly can. Especially TW, who is now running Beary Naise together with me. I am not where I want to be yet, but the reason I can try to make it happen is because of the collective support that has been given.

I am blessed. Thank you.



  • Jain

    My daughter 10yrs old interested in sewing. Would you consider open a junior sewing class?
    If so,how’s the fees?

    • Zoe

      Hi Jain, hope everything is well! I sincerely apologize for overlooking your message as I did not receive any notifications. We do have juniors coming in for sewing classes to make items such as Drawstring backpack, Pencil cases, and Plushies. Children are guided to complete the sewing process on their own to cultivate a spirit of learning and perseverance! Fees range from $80-$100 for children workshops. Do contact me directly on our Facebook Page Messenger: if you would like to find out more! Thank you :)

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