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Eyelash Extensions + Panda Eye Treatment

Hi ladies, I recently visited Perky Lash to try out their Signature Eyelash Extensions service and would like to share about it with you girls! Perky Lash is the sister brand of Origin Lash, whom I did my eyelash regrowth treatment with two years ago. What I like very much about them is that they place very high priority on healthy natural lashes, let me explain how.

The entire Signature Eyelash Extension treatment includes:

  1. Unlimited Single Strand Japanese Eyelash Extensions
  2. Panda Eye Treatment that helps reduce eyeball and dark eye circles
  3. Nourishing Lash Spa that provides nutrients to lashes, keeping them stronger and healthier

This is my third time doing eyelash extensions, but it’s the first time that otherĀ treatments are done in the same package to protect the natural lashes. This is a huge plus for clients who rely heavily on eyelash extensions, but are having problems with weak lashes that fall out easily.

Deciding on my lash extensions

Before we started, I had a consultation with my therapist to determine what kind of extensions I wanted. I chose the Classic option, which will enlarge the mid-point of my eyes, making them appear larger. There are other options such as Elegant, which lengthens the eye by attaching longer lashes at the corners of the eyes. Dazzling and Volume options are suitable for clients who usually put on heavy make up, while the rest are great for normal days!

This chart shows the difference in lengths of the single lash extensions used. The therapist used a combination of different lash lengths to create a natural looking lashes for me. She decided to use 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, and 12mm as I wanted to try a stronger effect. For the curl effect, we went with D curl. If I do extensions again, I probably will give M curl a try!

Panda Eye treatment + Nourishing Lash Spa

The session started with an aromatherapy facial massage. The most comfortable part was when my therapist used a Rose quartz tool to lightly massage the pressure points around my eye area. The massage uses Bo Jin therapy to help reduce puffy eyes and dark eye circles. This part was extremely soothing as the tip of the Rose quartz was cooling and smooth, and just the right amount of the pressure was applied. I spend a lot of my time focusing on doing close-range sewing work, and that can cause strain and tension which leads to migraines and discomfort. I find that the massage helped with relieving my headache!

After the massage, my therapist applied some nourishing lash serum to strengthen the lashes. I then wore a heated eye mask pack for 10 mins to encourage better circulation and absorption of the serum.

Japanese Eyelash Extensions

Then it was time to do the eyelash extensions. You’ll find that the therapist will have to tape your under eyelids and upper eyelids to secure them while she works. This will take some getting used to, however it is necessary to prevent us from opening our eyes halfway the procedure.

Here’s how my extensions look right after the treatment! I didn’t know it looked so beautiful from the top. It looks well-balanced and has a natural shape.

After 3 days. The lashes are still going strong! Sometimes after the extensions are glued onto your natural lashes, you can experience more lash falling out due to the extra weight. However this time, I’m seeing significantly less falling, which I think can be credited to the Nourishing Lash Spa treatment. :)

I’m extremely grateful to Perky Lash for such a pampering session. They go the extra mile to make sure that your natural lashes are protected; especially when extensions are considered to be pretty stressful for lashes. The whole session takes about 2 hours. There were no discomforts, and the lashes are comfortable to wear.

I would give their Signature Eyelash Extensions TWO thumbs up!

If you are interested in their eyelash extensions and panda eye treatment, do check out Perky Lash Facebook Page for more reviews, and contact them atĀ 8318 5222 for appointments. Do feel free to ask me any questions regarding the service, I’ll glad to be of help. :)

(Disclaimer: Review is based on my personal experience.)Untitled-1

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