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Cotton plant and Roses Bouquet from Floral Garage Singapore

August has been a great month for us at Beary Naise, we were kept busy with lots of activities and events. Ever since moving into our new sewing studio, I’ve been wanting to include some floral elements to the decor just to add a little touch of liveliness. So, August was also the month in which we welcomed our first bouquet of flowers from Floral Garage SG in the studio!

I’m not a fresh flower kinda girl as I feel that they wilt a little too soon, and the process of discarding them is sad. Why do I have to go through that after treasuring and taking care of them for weeks?

But… that’s not to say that girls like me can’t enjoy a beautiful bouquet of flowers, because we can have ourselves a dried WILDFLOWER bouquet!

This is a lovely bouquet named “Walk in the Park” by Floral Garage Singapore, a flower delivery service in Singapore managed by a team of passionate hobbyists turned professional florists. Not only are their bouquet creations unique and attractive, they also pride themselves on being one of the cheapest floral service in Singapore.

When I was browsing through their website, I knew immediately that I wanted something from the dried Wildflowers section. The “Walk in the Park” is a bouquet made up of a mix of dried and fresh flowers, and the baby pink hue instantly caught my eye. There is wheat, eucalyptus, wild grass, baby’s breath, and my favourite, cotton plant. Finally, it is topped with fresh pink baby roses.

The cotton plant sure holds a special place in my heart. I use a lot of cotton fabric as a medium in my craft, and thus naturally feel an affinity towards its primary form. The soft, fluffy fiber on the plant is spun into thread, and made into the cotton fabric that we come into contact with every single day.

How to care for your mixed dried/fresh flower bouquet:

1. Separate the fresh flowers and dried flowers in different vases

It is best to keep fresh flowers in a vase with water, and dried flowers in a dry vase. How to tell the difference? Fresh flowers are usually soft and supple, while dried plants can feel brittle, and dehydrated.

Place flowers away from direct sunlight and excessive heat. Dried flowers will do better in a drier room such as one with aircon, and less humidity.

2. Trim the stem of fresh flowers at a 45 degrees angle

Do this before placing fresh flowers into a vase with water to make them last longer! Remember to change water and trim stems every other day to prevent stagnancy. Remove any flowers that appear to be wilting.

3. Drip a few drops of scented oil essences to dried flowers

Dried flowers can have an overpowering smell as their natural essential oils remain within after they have been dehydrated. Some tips are to febreeze, or to drip a few drops of scented essential oils onto the plants.

Thank you Floral Garage Singapore for the special flower delivery! :) After learning about them, I’ve realised that it is really easy to send someone flowers to brighten up their day, and it doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.

About Floral Garage Singapore

Floral Garage Singapore is a team of passionate floral hobbyist turned professional florists. We operate via our online store:

We believe we have a very different mission and vision as compared to the other florists in this industry. It is rooted deep in our heart and minds that no individual should ever be deprived of being able to show love, care, appreciation, or gratitude, to another through the use of flowers. It is our mission to always be able to provide the public with the cheapest bouquets and cheapest flower arrangements.

For more information, please visit: Website | Facebook

(Disclaimer: The bouquet was sent by Floral Garage to me for review. No monetary compensation was involved.)Untitled-1

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