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Shopback’s CashBack Browser Extension helps you save money while you shop online!

The genius CashBack Browser Extension now notifies you when you’re shopping at a website eligible for Shopback cash backs! No more jumping back and fro websites, you can now activate your cash backs with just one click.

Admit it, how many times have you forgotten to activate your cash back feature from It’s happened to me so many times, simply because I was too excited in making my purchases online. Furthermore, a lot of shopping are time sensitive, which means jumping to and fro is usually at the back of my mind. I almost always end up realising it after having spent the money. With huge online shopping dates like 11.11 and 12.12 coming up, be sure to claim your savings from over 500+ stores!

If you don’t know how works, check out how I saved $66.77 buying contact lenses through Shopback.

Benefits of CashBack Buddy browser extension

Shopback pop-up will appear on top right of browser.

It notifies you immediately when you’re browsing your shop.

Before: Current practice is you’ll have to remember to hop over to and click on the shop’s unique link before making your purchase.

After: When you are browsing products from an online store that is eligible for cash backs from, a pop-up box will prompt you to activate your cash backs, so you can continue shopping in a seamless fashion.

Lets you discover tons of shopping sites that you never knew were eligible for cashbacks

Before: Somehow you’ll just have to screen through Shopback’s list of 500+ stores and make mental notes of who’s eligible and who’s not. Or you can go down the list and check out the stores one by one.

After: But honestly, who has the time in the world to do that!? Plus, is always adding new stores to their list, how to keep track? By installing the CashBack browser extension, you will know whenever you’ve arrived at one, and proceed to enjoy your savings! :)

How to download the Cashback Browser Extension

  1. Download Cashback Buddy from this link at
  2. Install the extension on your browser
  3. Follow a 2-step guide to activate!

Download Cashback Buddy

It is that simple, and I have downloaded it. When I first heard about this new extension, my thoughts were what an amazing feature! It will save me so much hassle and ensure that I don’t lose out on any potential cash backs. I’m all ready for my shopping sprees! :)

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