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Painless Face Lifting Review – RF treatment at Veritas Medical Aesthetics

Hello guys! I’m very excited to write a new review, and this time it is about our experience with Veritas Medical Aesthetics in December last year. For this review, the star is Hammy’s mother as we brought her to the clinic for consultation with Dr. Chua Cheng Yu. The background story was that TW’s brother was getting married and hosting a wedding banquet at the end of December, and I thought that TW’s mum would really benefit from a beauty boost.

TW’s mum is in her 60s. She had been commenting that her skin was very saggy and dark, making her look tired all the time. Furthermore, her skin has lost its elasticity due to loss of collagen and elastin over the years. It was also very dehydrated. With the wedding coming up so soon, she was feeling dejected and resigned.

It’s a very natural thing that no matter at what age, girls will still want to look their best!

So we headed to Veritas Medical Aesthetics to seek out the possible treatments that would help with her concerns. The clinic occupy a large unit in Capitol Piazza, and looked impressive. They provide both beauty treatments (done by therapists) and medical aesthetic treatments (done by doctor).

Consultation with Dr Chua during first appointment

Consultation with Dr Chua turned out to be almost like a medical health appointment! You know how you have to fill in a general form on your personal details, medical background, and skin problems whenever you go to beauty salons or aesthetic clinics? At Veritas Medical Aesthetics, Dr Chua took it upon himself to get to know each patient’s medical details, and asked the questions individually.

Why Lasers or Botox treatments may not be suitable for everyone

Upon finding out that TW’s mum has diabetes, Dr Chua asked about the severity of her condition. She tried to say that her condition is not that serious, but when TW mentioned her usual blood glucose reading, Dr Chua got really concerned. He immediately sprang into action to gently warn TW’s mum about the effects of diabetes on the body, and then strongly advised her to start managing the illness immediately. His words came as a timely reminder.

He explained that most medical aesthetic treatments such as laser or injections requires the body’s natural ability to heal and renew, and as high blood sugar levels impedes the healing process, she would be unable to do any high intensity treatments. Such treatments may injure, and induce unnecessary inflammation than help her at all.

Upon learning about the reason why she wanted to seek his advice in the first place, and with the upcoming wedding, he prescribed an RF (radiofrequency) treatment that is non-invasive, painless, and safe for her. It would still be effective in alleviating sagging skin, however results would not be as drastic as threadlifting, lasers, or Botox.

Dr Chua work with a strong ethos of Health before Beauty!”, which I thought was really professional. Even though TW’s mum was seeing him for an aesthetic concern, he was genuinely more concerned for her health instead. From a patient’s point of view, there’s a sense of assurance that your well-being is being taken care of.

Ultrasound and Radio Frequency (RF) treatments during second appointment

TW’s mum underwent 2 types of treatments. The first one was a Skin Rejuvenation treatment that uses Ultrasound frequency to boost the skin’s healing and recovery abilities. The Wellcomet LDM®-MED machine gives out dual-frequency at 10 MHz to target upper skin layers such as dermis and epidermis, and 3 MHz to reach the lower layers. The machine has many settings for different aesthetic outcomes, and in addition, can be used as a preventive measure against traumatization of the tissue during cosmetic surgeries.

The second treatment was by ENDYMED PRO machine which boasts a proprietary 3DEEP™ Technology that results in deeper Radio Frequency penetration into the skin. The technology uses a multi-sourced, phased-controlled algorithm to deliver energy vertically into the tissue to the dermis and hypodermis, hence achieving optimal effect while minimizing risk of injury to the skin surface.

Therapist using the large handpiece for general facial area.

A small handpiece is used for eye, under eye, and forehead areas.

The therapist frequently checked in with TW’s mum on the comfort level during the treatment, whether she felt any discomfort, and nope she did not. Even though the skin’s surface was supposedly warmed up to 39 degrees Celsius, she said that the heat was tolerable.

Immediate results after RF Treatment on Face

The therapist wanted TW’s mum to be able to see the results for herself, so she did the right side of her face first.  We were all amazed when she completed the treatment. There was a visible upward lift on the entire right side of her face.

Judge for yourself!

The heat delivery to the collagen fibers results in immediate skin tightening, and collagen remodeling follows after to give an anti-wrinkle effect. Which means that you can see an uplift immediately, and in the days following the treatment, you’ll find that the wrinkles will improve gradually.

Here’s a Before and After comparison after both sides of her face have been treated with RF therapy. I think it’s really amazing, she looks like a different person immediately after the treatment. Her face literally became smaller after just ONE session.

We’ve documented the experience in a short video, check it out!

Benefits of a beauty boost

TW’s mum was very satisfied with the results, and we saw her become more cheerful and smiley too. I think life can be tough, and the worries we have will add years to our face and body, but maybe sometimes we all need a little beauty boost to “lift” us up! =)

We are grateful to Dr Chua from Veritas Medical Aesthetics for his professional advice and his clinic’s treatments.

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Veritas Medical Aesthetics adopts a unique perspective towards aesthetic treatment: a patient-centric experience combined with research-proven procedures.

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Tapping on his previous experience as a surgeon and his accreditation with the RCS, Dr Chua’s expertise lies in using safe and effective techniques for invasive procedures such as minimally invasive face lifting and filler injections.

He advocates that the art of aesthetics has to be applied on a scientific basis with solid clinical evidence, and firmly believes this is the most honest approach to performing aesthetic treatments.

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